Title: The Art of Thinking Author: Ernest Dimnet * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted. Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he.

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Even writing can be the same thing. Nobody can tell how many sterling literary vocations have been ruined by the notion that it is useless to repeat what must have been said many times in the past.

The dinet of the French for ideas makes them imagine that when an idea has been expressed, its own virtue will be sufficient to get it realized. The consciousness of this phenomenon is discouraging, of course. Dimnet’s “The art Ernest DimnetFrench priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s.

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But athleticism is not culture, and the complaints continually heard in America about thhinking arise from the impossibility of reconciling too much athleticism with culture. So is the absence of all philosophical teaching in the High Schools. The person thinkkng drew them up was evidently full of the notion that everybody must think Latin morphology as uninviting as the cuneiforms, and that can be done is to take it in easy, i. The same can be said of the short stories, one-act plays or scenarios produced in the Fiction or Drama schools of many an American college.

The gentleman with whom I just had such dminet enlightening conversation had his mind full of a multitude of images—inconsiderable reflections, as swift and also as broken and impossible to arrest as the wavelets in a stream—but he was conscious, or semiconscious of only a few. But, three hundred years later, it was no less difficult for Henri Poincare to assert that there was as much scientific truth dimney the old notion as in Galileo’s doctrine. In summer, when we were there, the smell of winter apples was still in it, and I loved it.

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Indeed the world lives on words which it goes on repeating till some thinker, or repeated experience— experientia magistra stultorum —makes a breach in dinmet solid and stolid wall of conformity. Is it not evident to even a casual student of his development that the healthy working of his mind was hampered at first by the imitation of English novelists who had little in common with him, and only began to act freely when dealing with the data in his own experience?


Those thoughts which you are tempted to call distractions, are what your Self is thinking, in spite of the book, and, to tell the truth, the book is your distraction.

Thknking list of such influences hindering ermest gifted man’s thinking could be endless. Mental resistance is hardly less so. Measure Descartes, the refugee to Holland, or his disciple Spinoza, the artisan, or that typical provincial professor, Kant, or Karl Marx, by confronting their personalities with their influence.

How many Americans realize that their country is not a democracy but an oligarchy, and owes a good deal of its stability to that fact? Attitudes are created, standpoints are emphasized, slogans are circulated which place a uniform imprint on people otherwise different Dissenting where there is so much that can be promoted only by union, would be worse than heretical and is practically impossible.

I hhinking not thought of that. The memory of this one actually if me fidget in my chair, and I had to make an effort to think of something else.

Ernest Dimnet

Politicians frequently act historical characters and their natural insincerity becomes tenfold in consequence.

The American schools are mostly in the country, because primitive American life was a country life and the Pilgrims had seen the schools at home located in small towns or in open suburban quarters like Westminster.

All the time they are at work on a chapter which ought to monopolise their attention, they are anxious over future chapters still unborn and even unconceived, and the anxiety throws its shadow over the page just being written. I hate a fool. How exquisite is distinguished, well-modulated French! Both have received their education, both have had their chance.

Literature is not so clever. He has been told, before leaving Naples, that a good American consists largely of good clothes, and his first money goes to that. Examples in point could be adduced by the hundred. Where the ancestors used to fell trees in the vicinity of dangerous Indians, and with an eye on the ever-ready fowling-piece, the boys of Groton, St.

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How can we be sure that there are any? Thinking of nothing” or, “Thinking of all sorts of things. These images become more and more dimhet, but they are as vivid to the mystic as to the artist. Never read; always study.


Probably their interest in the almost indecipherable memoranda left by the philosopher lay in the hope that these scraps of paper might diknet the impression of his originality. This accounts for the fact that the American public at large, which cannot bear the idea of foreign superiority in anything else, does not care a fig if it is beaten in the ernesf of thought or of the arts.

When they have stupid parents their questions, if they reveal any originality, will be misunderstood and laughed at.

Such are the fimnet produced by making Latin easy. Anybody who has disturbed the files of early American newspapers or reviews does not srt to give this question a negative answer. The contrast between those humble lives and the mental effervescence they have left thinkkng them is startling.

If we will indulge in a little introspection we shall find that our mind is peopled with more incipient obsessions than ideas, and that their presence is largely the cause of our impotency. If, the moment a book or a newspaper raises a question demanding some supplementary information or reflection, we yawn, fidget, or hurriedly do something else, we abhor thinking. Besides, is it so necessary that I should know French? I would say to the reader, “Taste it, try it for yourself.

While you say “thought,” is it, or is it not possible that you see a man’s head, or his brow, or the inside of his head visualized, not as a horrible brain jelly, but perhaps as a more or less complicated wire frame destined to classify and keep in place the results arrived at, or as an infinitely delicate clockwork?

It will be enough if the reader is conscious of sympathy to which he has a right, and of a continuous thunking to help him in his effort to think his best and live his noblest. We may have known a person, older than we are, for many years without realizing, one ernezt say without seeing, his face: Is not this enough?

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