Fanaticism has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. Anthony said: Although as of this writing I am about half-way through Alberto Toscano’s book, I’m impressed with. Alberto Toscano. 7 December Here, a philosophical history of “fanaticism ” from Martin Luther to the present. Since the spectacular arrival of the threat of. Accusations of fanaticism have a long history, and Alberto Toscano’s new book Fanaticism aims at considering some instances of this effective.

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Refresh and try again. For these old slave-owners, those who burnt a little powder in the arse of a Negro, fanaticis buried him alive for insects to eat, who were well treated by Toussaint, and who, as soon as they got the chance, began their old cruelties again; for these there is no need to waste one tear or one drop of ink. The moral fanatic is a subject who, in refusing to submit himself to the universality of duty, can easily turn into a well-meaning murderer.

Toscano shows how the critique of Hobsbawm plays an important role in subaltern studies in India. The label “fanaticism” is increasingly attached to the perceived threat posed by religious fundamentalism. Moreover, for Kant, fanaticism was immanent in human rationality itself. His defense of Muntzer contra Cohn is particularly convincing.

Progress Publishers, This is almost a kind of metaphysical idolatry in fact, Kant praises Jewish iconoclasm here. We fanaticidm experiencing technical difficulties. Such emancipation, if it is to really happen, will be only accomplished by the autochthonous change and rebellion of those directly affected. Nightocelot rated it did not like it Jun 26, As demonstrated by recent historical research, that which presented itself largely as an articulated movement — with specific institutional and constitutional demands the maintenance of the peasant assemblies, the alleviation of levies and taxes — and which used the religious discourse the Gospel in minimalist and pragmatic terms, is depicted by its detractors in order to better justify an unsparing repression as a theological aberration, a disease of the spirit.


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For Luther, the attempt to overthrow the secular authorities was a sign of disastrous pride, a religious catastrophe. If so, they have little if any political fanaicism.

Showing how fanaticism results from a failure to formulate an adequate emancipatory politics, this illuminating history sheds new light on an idea that continues to dominate debates about faith and secularism.

The meaning of fanaticism | International Socialist Review

While in Kant we are dealing with a cognitive and affective disposition, a spurious result of our inevitable fanayicism impulse, in Hegel fanaticism is depicted as a necessary passage in the progressive universalization of Spirit. Appropriately for a psychoanalytically inflected critique of a peculiarly European? It is here, at the dawn of the discourse on fanaticism, that the oppositional and biased character of the term shows itself most clearly.

A genealogy of fanaticism—unearthing its long history, before it became a tool in the Clash of Civilizations It is commonplace to hear fanaticism described as a deviant or extreme variant of an already irrational set of religious beliefs, an assertion that helps to demonize convictions outside political orthodoxy.

Alex rated it liked it Dec 23, Preview — Fanaticism by Alberto Toscano. Naveed rated it really liked it Sep 12, Toscano locates the figure of the fanatic at the heart of modernity, fanatjcism as he notes that bourgeois liberal democracy has largely constituted itself negatively against the figure of the fanatical “other” effacing the “fanatical” origins of said democracy. Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu. Published May 4th by Verso first published November 15th Skip to main content.

Clear political demarcation away from Agamben. Of particular interest to a study tocano fanaticism is the behavior of certain sections of the middle and intellectual strata that have sometimes opted for individual terrorism in their attempt to force rather than persuade people.

Lists with This Book. Reason and a critical spirit are the political requirements to prevent dogmatism, triumphalism, as well as the brutalization and dehumanization that have been associated with many forms of political change, including revolutions. For Kant it is in the very structure of subjectivity, in the relationship between knowledge and practice, that the fanatic bacillus is to be found.


Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea

About Fanaticism The idea of fanaticism as a deviant or extreme variant of an already irrational set of religious beliefs is today invoked by the West in order to demonize and psychologize any non-liberal politics. Firstly, for Kant fanaticism is linked to an obsession which, although it believes itself to be universal, reveals itself to be particularist. Toscano shows the close association between the conservative attack on abstraction and its indictment of radical political thought.

And yet, as Toscano shows, these two seemingly opposed modes of fanaticism are often made one in liberal representations; the rationalist radical, for example,whether Jacobin or Marxist, reconstitutes religion in secular terms, as if this is an indictment in itself. Liberals also imply that the policies and actions of the Western powers in the Middle East and Central Asia are carried out to defend moral and political values, instead of these values being used as an ideological cover to justify imperialist policies and tactics.

Hardcoverpages. As rightly noted by Domenico Losurdo, 8 German thought from Kant to Hegel can be characterized as a philosophical response to the historical trauma and prospect of emancipation represented by the French Revolution.

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Michael Ware reviews Stop, Thief!: Fanaticiism such concept, which turns out to be historically and logically related to the notion of fanaticism, and central to it, is abstraction.