Flatpicking Guitar Essentials Book/CD (String Letter Publishing) (Acoustic Guitar) (Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Private Lessons) Sheet music – December 1. I’ve become intrigued by the Flatpicking Essentials series, but I can at the history of flatpicking and the importance of solid rythym playing. I’ve seen reference to “Flatpicking Essentials, Vol 1” and was wondering if this is still the start of the series that people would recommend, or if.

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Flatpicking Essentials vol 1 – The Acoustic Guitar Forum

I can’t speak for the other volumes, but if they are anything like volume 1, it is well worth the price. Originally Posted by srick. Find all posts by srick. Volume 2 gets into carter style and leads.

Flatpicking Essentials Series – Discussion Forums – Flatpicker Hangout

Dan and Tim and Brad Davis, who is sort of the unofficial Third Musketeer but is too busy to be involved all the time are first class all the way. I will read the words between practices and use the exercises to build on the verbal foundation.

I am focusing mostly on my Artistworks lessons but I still lfatpicking flatpicking essentials at least weekly. Foatpicking your description you point it to a song and it Artistworks academy of bluegrass with Brian Sutton is fantastic in my opinion. Those two volumes are gems. Slightly different but very complimentary. So the question still stands, is this series still a recommended standard or is there something that you would put in it’s place?


It will get you into lead playing. Volume 1 starts with one chord “boom chuck” and progresses to some intermediate rhythm by the end.

If you have any specific questions about one essentals the books, let me know. I have them all, and like them mostly. All times are GMT Email Newsletter Monthly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, flatpicked guitar news and flatpickibg.

Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local eessentials online flatpicked guitar teacher. Monthly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, flatpicked guitar news and more.

Volume 4 and 5 are fantastic. I have been spending a lot of time with Jeff Jenkins videos, and have to say that nothing has expanded my understanding of the fingerboard as much as that has. Tim May is a first class player. Anyone know anything much about them? I’m currently about a third of the way through volume 1.

Forum Classifieds Tab All other pages. I spent time with each lesson before moving on.

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I’ve been to a couple different workshops with he and Dan, and if you are near one of their upcoming workshop locations I’d recommend going. Does anyone have any experience with these, and are they any good? Volume 2 is really excellent too I bought them as a two fatpicking. There’s a lot of good information in these beyond just the music. I recently purchased volume 1 of the series and IMHO it was very well done.


Originally Posted by WonderMonkey I’ve ordered this 2 pack, thanks for pointing me to it. If you are looking for more “lesson” style course. The other thing, and this is actually my fault is the speed in which they came out. The only reason I would hesitate to recommend this series is I’m ashamed to say we don’t actually own any of the material. The instruction is very detailed and in-depth, and although the material so far is generally stuff I have been doing for many many years I’m still finding many little gems of info that I didn’t know.

The books are a bit wordy for some but that is part of what I enjoy about it. I like Dan’s stuff because I find it well written, well produced, durable materials. Of course any slow-downer will work and they provide great exercises for both flat and fingerpickers.

Originally Posted by srick So this thread sent me back to FE this evening and what a great series it is! That is the same route I took. I’ve become intrigued by the Flatpicking Essentials series, but I can only flatpkcking reviews of people who have completed the first book or two.

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