Fior di Battaglia: MS Ludwig XV 13 – J. Paul Getty Museum Fior di Battaglia: M. – Pierpoint Morgan Library Flos Duellatorum: Pisani-Dossi MS -Private. The Flower of Battle (Flos Duellatorum in Latin or Fior di Battaglia in Italian) XV 13; Morgan Library M; a copy privately held by the Pisani-Dossi family; and. Aug 16, Flos Duellatorum (“The Flower of Battle”, Pisani-Dossi MS) is an Italian fencing manual authored by Fiore de’i Liberi and dated 10 February

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Both of these bear the title Fior di Battaglia, and both are undated. The examination of the Morgan’s version, as compared to the Getty’s will reveal that the Morgan’s text is near word-for-word similar to the Gettys’, however, the organization of the Morgan’s is completely different from the Getty’s in that it begins with a section on combats on horseback with lances, whereas, the Getty’s begins with abrazare or grappling.

As you will see in my plays that follow here after, I pray that you look at them. All rights are reserved. This is consistent across the entire Pisani-Dossi and Getty’s treatises.

Il fior di battaglia / Fiore dei Liberi

You do things that have no place in words. Double-sided; four illustrations per page, with text above each. The body of the text consists of four to six illustrations per page, each with only a brief couplet or quatrain to explain it.

All text, images, art work and photography are copyright to The Exiles, All rights are reserved to that material as well. The general thinking as to why the Morgan’s is so dueolatorum shorter than the other two, was that it was probable that the manuscript was not completed due to lack of funds or events which precluded its completion.

Fior di Battaglia (MS M) ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Journal of Western Martial Art, http: The information contained within survives in the form of a facsimile by the Italian historian Francesco Novati. Sword in two hands by Fiore de’i Liberi.

Fiore wrote that he started his composition on February 10, using the modern calendar and alludes to taking approximately six months to complete. This manuscript is often referred to as the Pierpont Morgan or simply the Morgan. Fiore’s work is desperately in need of a credible translation and sound interpretation that compares all versions within the context of what is known about martial techniques and arms and armor from the era.


Fiore dei Liberi

Come one by one who knows how to do it and even if you were one hundred I will put you all out of order because of this guard that is so good and strong. They duelled with a count of three thrusts of a lance of “soft iron 25 ” on horseback. Of the three versions, the Getty’s offers the most detailed paragraphs accompanying the illustrations see illustration 3followed by the Morgan’s with a slightly abbreviated text. By moegan this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Flos Duellatorum is the name given to one of the manuscript versions of Fiore dei Liberi ‘s illuminated manuscript fight bookwritten in dated to in the old reckoning. It is evident in the Western fighting arts community, that the treatises are considered as important cornerstones in todays research and reconstruction of historical Western fighting arts. To date, given the extensive and ongoing research being conducted world-wide by vlos variety of historical fencing schools and academies 2 the only definitive source for Fiore’s biography has been the prologue written by Fiore himself contained in each of duellayorum three versions of the treatise 3.

We know Fiore studied under German masters and his method reflects aspects of their style. It also refers to a certain morgzn of the sword in one hand which is likewise missing from that section. Flos Duellatorum — Manuale di arte del combattimento del XV secolo.

Latin lost any dedication it might have had along with its prologue. The Flower of Battle List of manuscripts Ms. The reasons are numerous, but perhaps their greatest value is their collection of illustrations possessing remarkable clarity in conveying the concepts in the art, and the imformative text accompanying each illustration, together creating a recipe for a flo resource supporting today’s research, practice and reconstruction of historical Western fighting arts.

Historical Fencing Dot Org. Even so, there are a number of later treatises which bear strong resemblance to his work, including the writings of Philippo di Vadi and Ludwig VI von Eyb of Hartenstein.


And in that morrgan I cross beating the sword to you I find you revealed and of wounding you I will make certain. Furthermore, the manuscript duellatorim composed of individual cut leaves rather than quires of bifolia, which means that there is no indicator of the original order of the surviving pages.

See Malipiero, p The Novati consists of illustrated pictures of the plays accompanied by short, rhyming verses in Italian to describe them. Bythe manuscripts cease to be mentioned in the inventories. Although, the couplet is not as much a mnenomic as it is a simplified verse to convey a particular principle with respect to the classic shoulder grab and the counter to such an attack.

Yet the tidy distichs do little to illuminate the sense of the illustrations, while the incompetent verse is vastly superior both in comprehensiveness and comprehensibility. These duels occuured in locations without any supportive relations and friends, but apparently, his honour was and remained secured.

Flos Duellatorum – Wikipedia

Sword in one hand by Fiore de’i Liberi. Notizie delle vite ed opere scritte da’ letterati del Friulip. Dhellatorum Furlano de’i Liberi.

Views Read View source View history. The currently understood duellatogum generally accepted provenance for the Getty version is: Its prologue is similar to the Getty version.

Look at them I pray to you, and therefore with the sword of one hand I will make my art. However, we find Nicolo d’Este Marquis de Ferrera, etc. In its continuing effort to promote the authentic skills of legitimate Medieval martial arts, ARMA is proud to present select portions from one version of Fiore Dei Liberi’s famed fencing manual of c. Upon his honorable retirement inhe complied with the request of his prince to compile a book on the art of the duel, in order that his vast experience might be preserved to future generations.

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