Renegades and Milita are up on the Last Chance to Buy! That is a sad one as there is some iconic miniatures that are going to go bye bye with. Forge World announced the Imperial Armour Index: Astra Millitarum, and it included the full updated Renegades and Heretics army list. Forge World – Chaos Renegades, all miniatures Forge World (). Battlefleet Gothic (38) Renegade Militia Icons and Assault Weapons ยท Cool? i have.

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Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Your ad here, right now: Forgeworld, Rnegades 40, Renegade militia Enforcers conversion kit. Finally, the sauce of the whole thing is the great boon of 8th edition: Miniature is painted and in a good condition as shown in photos. Good for dealing wounds on characters, and okay at wounding everything else.

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Should be your go to special weapon for general use. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade militia with Autogun.

In addition, we pay the same price for our infantry equivalents, except they have worse BS, worse armor save, variable leadership, and no orders. Even better since Chapter Approved gave them a discount. Good for countering Sentinels and Light vehicles, and threatening heavy vehicles in melee, especially with the D3 Dmg. Also shop in Also shop in. Marauders can use it too, but they generally make better use of the axe or maul, since they can’t get covenants.

Viable, but not optimal. Please note this item has been discontinued by Forgeworld, and is rare to find a compl In addition all of our units are now balanced enough that they don’t need insane customization options to be viable. Notify me of new comments via email. Elites are quite good for you, so taking minimum troops or Vanguard detachments is a good idea if you want to make the most of the available points to spend on them.


The big issue is getting them into a position where they can start dealing damage, as they are sluggish and lack any sort of transport or deep strike ability. Like the Elucidian Starstriders introduced alongside them, they’re likely to struggle in larger games due to their small detachment size and near-total lack of shooting but they make a fluffy set of allies to any Nurgle force and have the classic Nurglite resilience to help get them into melee.

AP-3 on the charge. Rogue Trader are thematically similar to them and aren’t large enough as a faction for their own article, so here they are. Just remember to remove the cult symbols and replace them with your own. If you want to supplement your disciple squads the Bolter is a better option.

You still only have to roll an 8 if you charge in this manner, and with coven of Slaanesh units this is hardly a problem. Forgeworld Renegade Refine results. Forgdworld of Khorne makes it Okay for MEQ hunting, since you can get S4 AP-3 on the first turn of combat, but you don’t have many ways of getting reliable charges against the same unit since you don’t have get back in the fight, and it still only does 1 Damage, so it’s not viable versus terminators or bikes.

Generally the best option for the points, since you can get it to S6 AP -1 with covenant of Khorne. If you are running mob-style units, taking casualties is much better than taking 20 casualties from enemy shooting.

Forge World – Chaos Renegades, all miniatures | – Miniatures Collectors Guide

A good choice for standard infantry who don’t need to be specialized, and for militia who can use the extra hits at long range. Be willing to charge out of ruins; overwatch occurs before the charge so keep any terrain modifiers to your save in mind. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade militia Icons and Assault weapons conversion set. Chaos Renegade Militia Conversion Set.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Renegades And Heretics(8E)

Taking a Renegade army of nothing but Vanguard detachments and Transports is a perfectly reasonable strategy. After rorgeworld been worked forgewotld, keep a few things in mind:. Keep them out of the line of fire, but they can score a few choice hits in melee and make quite a difference if given the opportunity. If you have the leftover points this is worth it for your elites. Punchy, durable and bringing yet another source of Leadership shredding nastiness to Chaos’ extensive arsenal.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is a complete revamp of the three old 3rd Edition army lists that were printed across Imperial Renegaes If you’re looking for the old tactica then check here or here. The set includes torsos, arms and weapons to convert five Renegade Enforcers.

Pretty good leadership on average, but there are always situations where your fanatic unit is LD 5 and your militia are LD 8. They too will reegades in larger games due to their small detachment size, but they’re a nice fluffy choice to run along any other Chaos army. Use command squads to mitigate the chance of poor rolls, or Enforcers to mitigate casualties from morale.

FORGEWORLD Renegade: Warhammer 40K | eBay

An AP -4 12″ 1d6 damage tank hunter weapon, which takes the highest of 2d6 when in half range. Instagram Frosty Fyreslayer tester for my new Age of Sigmar army next year! Competes with the Grenade Launcher for best weapon for Militia.

See below for conversion ideas Pretty good, especially since Disciples and Commanders get the benefit of Covenant of Khorne, giving you Str 8. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade and Heretics brass icon sheet. Contains a host of chaos icons and upgraid weapons for renegade and heretic