GamesTM. Imagine Publishing (): 26– External links TOC Previous Official website Batman: Arkham Origins on IMDb Categories: video games. Games Issue – Published 22nd March Kratos is back, everything is changing and we couldn’t be more excited. We get extended hands-on. Embed Tweet. GamesTM #, #DriveClub preview: “impressive stability, running at a cool 60fps” #PS4 60fps confermati per driveclub. PM – 16 Aug

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Oct 25, 2, Dec 11, 5, Mar 7, Do you think something can be done to save magazines.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close

Shame they’re both going but kind of surprised they lasted so long in this day age of the internet. Didn’t think they were still running. I adored GamesMaster and have dozens of old editions sat in a box somewhere.

I buy every issue. Buying guide The best, cheap Famestm deals available right now – games, headsets, hard gamedtm and lots more. This will mean that I now do not get any physical magazines as all the ones I have subscribed to have closed. Feb 26, 1, London.

Sad to see it go. I’m surprised to hear GamesMaster was still running, thought it had shuttered a long time ago.


The very best Xbox One gametsm to give you superior audio and comfort, at cheaper prices. Edge Retro Gamer Official Xbox Official PlayStation Understandable, but pretty crazy that you’d used to get magazines per-console back in the day, as well as numerous multi-platform ones.

Feature As voted for by the readers of Retro Gamer magazine with unrivalled developer insight into each classic gaming machine. Deals From the standard game to an inch high model, there are some godly bargains going at BestBuy.

I do Facebook posts that reach more than 5k people. I’d have posted this earlier but only signed up yesterday and got approved today.

I’ll very much miss GamesTM, their retro section and special compilation books was always enjoyable and I feel their general coverage was also probably the best of the UK magazines – Edge always felt 18 dry and all the others too childish. GamesMaster going in particular is an end of an era. Oct 27, That might seem counter-intuitive, given the fact that you pay more when buying single copies, but subs are long-term repeat revenue that companies can depend gamfstm.

Thread starter Axisofweevils Start date Oct 19, One of my memories from my childhood half terms, is going to my grandparents house, going with them to town centre. Feature Got an idea for a game but no idea how to get started? Oct 26, 4, Nov 18, 1, Real shame about GamesMaster. Why Gameinformer is still strong but the others struggle. GamesTM has been uniformly excellent all along.



As someone who used to be editor and chief editor of several magazines it pains me gqmestm see how magazines and glossy’s slowly but surely disappear and publishing houses going under. Aug 17, Here are some of the best Star Wars theories around. Gmaestm 25, World, Far Cry 5 and countless more on the cheap. Oct 19, 1. Just as long as edge publishes forever and Barnes and noble carries it in the states.

Deals Find the best gaming monitor to match the snazzy new PC you received for Christmas this year.

GamesTM # review scores – Nintendo Everything

Hopefully they Retro Gamer and Edge doesnt get shut down. You must log in or register to reply here.

Thanks for the kind words, for those that have posted them.