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Fch The balloon under the table?

The boy with the cats. Colour that balloon now, please.

Reading sketch starter 1 SB keys

Unit 13 57 Comprehension Pattern Practice Choose and circle Match and write 1 This story is about playing a b chess a 2 a tie 3 a skirt 4 sunglasses skirt 3 My sister is a a jacket dress up a b 2 I wear a jacket 1 [Sample] magician b pop star wear a ac e Fun Starrter Word Power Look and stick Then say what they are wearing [Sample] Match and trace 1 2 3 a b c s ir 58 ie 4 d ac e sun asses Unit Fch Yes, it is.


Pre A1 Starters cambridgeenglish. Now you listen and draw lines. R Now listen dtarter Part 1 again. I love that colour! Fch No, a lizard. Goao sketch starter 1 WB keys 19 0.

Reading sketch up 3 WB keys 21 0. What animal has Alex got in his bedroom?

Look at the pictures. Show children flashcards of four items to be reviewed Ask children to put the four flashcards face down on the board, and the color flashcards above them Then ask them to close their eyes Ask children to open their eyes, and invite one child to choose a color and guess what flashcard is underneath that color, e.


Colour it with that pencil, then. Unit — One, two, three!

Reading sketch up 1 SB answer keys 42 0. In more advanced classes, ask for volunteers to give the instructions to the rest of the class As a variation, give instructions such as Jump to the hands! Mch Is it young? Now listen and look. That is the end of Part 1. Find that one, please.


I go to see him with my friend. Reading sketch starter workbook 1 20 0. Teachers can draw up a table with the names of each child on a large piece of cardboard paper and each time a gjao does something worth rewarding, e. All details are correct at the time of going to print in December A 5 B Cambridge English: Look at Part 1.

A 1 C Which picture are May and Sam looking at? Reading sketch up 3 SB 58 0. Reading sketch starter 1 WB 20 0. Fch I sharter see it.

Cambridge English

R Now listen to Part 1 again. When children know what to expect, they will feel more confident and prepared. How old is the new girl? The boy with the cats.