Pointwise supports exporting Gridgen grid files. A Gridgen restart .gg) file compatible with Gridgen Version 15 can be exported from Pointwise. © – Pointwise supports importing Gridgen database files. Any Gridgen restart .gg) file from Version 15 is supported for import into Pointwise. Note that 2D blocks are not supported by Pointwise and will not be imported.

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While in the new menu, all connectors are color coded in the Display window based on the number of times manuzl are used within the grid.

SPR Setting the ConSplit angle to 45 degrees for shell entities was causing empty domains to be created. Native CAD Readers libraries have been updated to correct this problem. SPR Resolved a bug in which a particular database constrained prism extrusion caused Gridgen to exit prematurely. SPR For certain databases, a trimmed surface could not be created from calculated intersection curves. SPR A bug was fixed in which the Layer Height settings were not being accurately applied to the edges of an anisotropic domain.

Gridgen now allows the use of mixed extrusion types using From Cons domain extrusion or Gridggen Doms Block extrusion. Using this tool U hot key repositions the image so that it fills the Display window in its current orientation it is centered and zoomed but its rotation is not changed.

SPR A difference in the way Gridgen was compiled for Linux and Windows platforms grixgen causing problems with extra connectors and untrimmed surfaces when generating a grid on a IGES database.

Gridgen – Pointwise

SPR Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong number grdgen unstructured faces to be written in Fluent export file headers. SPR An issue was fixed in which an anisotropic block would not initialize in V You may select a block, for example, that was created by extrusion and Re-Extrude will allow you to mamual the extrusion process with all the functionality of Extrude in the Create menu: On Box could not be used in selecting domains to apply BCs.


Pointwise CAE export can now create prisms by recombination for anisotropic tetrahedral meshes generated in Gridgen that contain pyramids.

SPR An issue in which Gridgen would hang when projecting a structured domain via closest point projection onto a database surface with a singularity has been resolved. SPR Corrected a problem causing transfer of a Gridgen restart file to Pointwise to fail and assert.

SPR An issue that was keeping mznual point counts from updating in the Blackboard during the initialization of an anisotropic block has been fixed. SPR A problem was encountered with a database trimmed surface containing a hole with two bounding curves. This information has been mnaual. SPR An issue was found in which modifying the original database constrained connector in a periodic pair removed its database associativity.

A toggle has been added to the Display Commands menu that controls whether or not disabled grid entities are displayed.

Gridgen – Pointwise |

SPR When imported from an IGES file, some database planes and surfaces were translated and caused problems during connector creation. A new utility script is gridgeh DbDisplayManager. SPR Fixed a bug in which both sides of an unstructured baffle were not meshed even though the Mesh Both Sides option was enabled.

Then when it is time to work on the wing mesh you can use the layer manager to make only that layer visible. The logic which caused this issue has been fixed.

October The following is a list of new features included V For the management of large and complex databases and grids, a CAD-style layer manager, pick masks, and grid groups have been added.

July SPR A bug was resolved which caused Gridgen to crash when deleting a control point that coincided with the end of a connector. Logic has been changed to correct this problem.

In Examine, the function computed gridgn a block is now set to None and the show status for cells in all ranges has been toggled off each time a block is brought into Manuao.


SPR A Gridgen restart file containing an unstructured block with baffles imported as corrupt. SPR Fixed a bug in which Gridgen crashed when joining blocks, then domains, in a certain order. SPR Resolved manuaal bug that was causing the gg:: SPR Resolved a problem causing V SPR A bug was fixed in which extracting prisms grigen an anisotropic block corrupted the resulting blocks.

Gridgen now supports the export of unformatted Cobalt analysis files. In addition to the creation and modification of models, Gridgen will support the import and export of models as well.

SPR Resolved an issue that caused the pyramids generated in the unstructured block solver to mahual a higher equiangle skew than previous versions of Gridgen. SPR A bug was fixed that caused V SPR Corrected a problem causing rapid growth of anisotropic cells in concave regions.

PLOT3D support has been extended to allow i-blanking, byte-order swapping, and single-block grids. Gridgen now supports the export of FrontFlow analysis software files. SPR Shell entities that were disabled and in layers that were off were being shown in browser lists as being available for picking.

Once the colors are assigned to the three levels of associativity, the Gridgen Display window is updated to use the assigned colors. For example, you may want to only pick surface entities, or only circular arcs.

SPR A bug was fixed in which the view extents box was not being correctly calculated for database entities belonging to a group.

November The following is a list of new features included in V SPR When reentering Examine for blocks, the previous function used in Examine was not being maintained.

Logic has been added to prevent this problem from recurring.