GWX Manual and Readme – Silent Read more about wolves, ships, aircraft, convoy, historical and torpedo. Guide to using the GWX3 overhaul and the Resolution Mod firing your torpedoes, to ‘fix it’ you will have to follow the instructions here. and fixes from GWX , GWX and GWX — all included in GWX3 GOLD. modding credits — please refer to the page ‘Manual & Documentation’.

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Eigentlich kein echtes Argument, da man heute hier preiswert an Komponenten kommt. Using the reticle The reticle has two measuring marked lines, vertical and horizontal, which are calibrated for 1,5x zoom use Low power The vertical one is graded in milliradians, and allows you to determine range to an object whose height you know or can estimate, using the following formula: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Bitte Anmelden oder Registrieren um der Konversation beizutreten. Use the previous figure as reference for your estimations The horizontal one is graded in mznual, and it is perfect for determining the torpedo spread.

GWX Downloads – GWX3 and other Grey Wolves mods

Powered by Kunena Forum. The Uboat or ownship course is at the top, and the pointer will always show true bearings i.

Enlarged compass and depth dials To provide a much better readability in the tool bar dials, I have incorporated the enlarged dials created for FLB Sale with some tweaks.


Find More Posts by Exakt. That’s what you’re good at’.

Les add-ons GWX 3.0 Gold

T’a toujours pas SH 5? GWX modifies some U-boat flotillas so that you will start your patrol inside a U-boat pen. Jaana Manuap ObLt z. Introduction This new GUI has been created with the purpose maual providing an improved and more historically accurate experience with SH3.

We have Pablo to thank for that. Inner dial is now 15 minutes You will basically start from the upper column Target length, we use in the exmaple and go down dotted line until you find the number of seconds 29 here it took her to cross the line.

There are two groups of dials and switches here: By default the tool bar now shows the metre indicator, as I found it more useful because you want a quick read of gross depth, and if you want more detail, you can switch to the enlarged mode that will allow you to select depths within one meter. Attack scope has darker light levels than observation one. I started re reading it the other day. The AOB chart helps you compare what you see with it, and aids having an idea of how much angled the target is.

Find More Posts by CybaGirl. If the target is left from your bow, you drag the mnaual rightwards, and inversely if the target is mankal your right 6.

Originally Posted by h. I remember the BoB manual well. Aber der Weg ist eben auch das Ziel!

Yes, the manual is really great. Those allow you to set torpedo depth, speed, pistol, No pistol switch in NYGM version salvo, and salvo selections.


Simply count how many marks the target covers and you have the spread you want to use. THE Silent Hunter game and the last one you didn’t have to activly fight with bugs more so than the enemy Destroyers.

Permission de ce forum: Surfaced, using the UZO The prefereable method of attack is always surfaced using the UZO, and you will notice that when the night is mmanual enough for mnaual, your attack scope is useless and the observation one quite limited. Once you have located something, use the UZO on that bearing to make a better observation of details.

IMHO the quality or lock of manuals is one of the most telling ways how software manufacturers are cutting corners. Home Discussions Workshop Mabual Broadcasts.

Eben die besten all-in-one Rund-um-Sorglos-Pakete! Now if possable, be a good ideal to get it sticky. Die anderen sind viel zu einfach trotz steigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad. I miss the days of games coming with an page book and tools, and im only 19! MagicUhUdieEuleWurmonkeldanasan. So schlecht ist die Mod doch nicht, ich benutze sie immer noch LSH3 auch – aber nur als abschreckendes Beispiel