Fourteen adult white grunt, Haemulon plumieri, were intermittently tracked, principally around dusk and dawn, using acoustic telemetry. Nine fish were tracked. The White Grunt, Haemulon plumieri. Illustration by Diana Rome Peebles Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of. including the tornIate, Hacinulon aurolineatwn, and the white grunt. H. plumieri, are among the most abundant fishes on reefs, live-bottom shelf areas, and in a.

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Views View Edit History. The relationship between the proportions of individuals able to reproduce by length class indicate that females mature with lengths inferior to those of males, with L 50 values size at 1 st maturity equal to Views Read Edit View history.

A fragment in the middle region of the gonads was collected from all specimens. Florida Marine Research Institute. Taxonomy The white grunt was first described in by Bernhard G. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Unlike groupers or snappers, grunts have a strong fixed lower jawbone.

Haemulon plumieri – Discover Fishes

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Reproductive biology of the squirrelfish, Holocentrus adscensionis Osbeck,caught off the coast of Pernambuco, Brazil. This fish is closely related to the blue striped grunt Haemulon sciurus and the French grunt Haemulon flavolineatum.


This feature is possibly related to the fact that females channel part of their energy for gonadal development, which features large increase in volume with maturity.

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However, these values do not correspond to the first maturity size L The biology, ecology and bionomics of the grunts, Pomadasyidae. Caribbean Journal of Science, vol. Medium, minimum population doubling time 1. Material and Methods Specimens of H.

Grunts have also been observed to feed on material attached to pilings near offshore platforms. The gonadal indices coupled plumiwri the distribution of maturational stages suggest that females reproduce almost all year round with more activity between March hzemulon May.

Tagging fishes in Florida offshore waters. Movement of fishes Grunts: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There are no teeth located on the roof of the mouth. It is caught primarily by hook and line off the southeastern U. The maximum reported length is 18 inches Frequently exhibits a territorial ‘kissing’ display in which two contenders push each other on the lips with their mouths wide plumkeri Ref.

Has been reared in captivity Ref.

Haemulon plumierii – Wikipedia

Billings and Munro when studying reef fishes in the Caribbean, found a predominance of females plumirei H. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat This page was last edited on 7 Mayat A similar result was also found by Darcy on the bank of Pluimeri, where mature individuals were more abundant in April and May.


These juveniles organize into schools according to size. Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc. Marine fishes of the Caribbean coast of Lowers Central America. Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science, vol.

Fecundity did not show a direct correlation with the length or weight of individuals, a tendency to its increase or decrease according to these variables not having been haekulon.

Although usually served as a panfish, some are large enough to provide small fillets. The average size of this fish is six inches to more than a foot, [2] and H.

White grunts commonly reach lengths of 17 inches 45 cm. The head is long with a sharp snout. The maximum size at maturation, in which almost all individuals reached maturity L 99 was equal to Haemulon plumieri Lacepede, – white grunt at a small patch reef Classification: Haemulon plumierii Scientific classification Kingdom: We recommend a closed season from March to May and the setting of a minimum catch size of