Months after attempting to dispatch a child of the prophecy he didn’t know the entirety of, he finds himself remembering his life as Voldemort, as one Harry Potter. Great question. And I believe that he did trigger the encasing spell. I believe that the way horcruxes work is that one needs to be prepared to. The seventh part of his soul, however maimed, resides inside his regenerated In the Harry Potter universe, did anyone make a Horcrux before Voldemort?.

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Seventh Horcrux [HP, AU]

Insult him and your tongue starts to swell up. Harry swung the door open wide just as the bell rang pottrr. How are we supposed to prepare for our NEWTs?

Ron’s voice once again broke the silence of the room.

I was returning to Hogwarts, and it had been far too wnd since I’d been home. Your headmaster did something to control it, and I want you to do the te thing now,” Aunt Petunia said, crossing her bony arms across her chest. Weasley wasn’t too upset with them she’d send something, or maybe Ginny would help… Ginny. I started reading this by a mistake. The presence of a foreign soul may have unexpected side effects on a growing child.

I commissioned uniforms, made inquiries with Europe’s darker creatures, cobbled together an ideological banner with which to rally new recruits It seemed hopeless and overwhelming as a whole, so he’d have to start in pieces and work from there.

Harry’s comfort and well-being had tye been one of their considerations. He knew what it was he had to do, he just wasn’t certain about how to do it.

The Seventh Horcrux Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

The Dursleys immediately sensed my evil. In my drunken haze, I’d killed six Ministry workers and declared myself the Dark Lord Voldemort I never would have picked that name had I been sober.


A wizard who wished to create a Horcrux would then use that damage to their advantage by casting a spell which would rip the damaged portion of the soul and encase it in an object. Or what he’d thought was a Horcrux, anyway… R. He rattled off the proper address, stumbling over every other word. Did that count as being vanquished? It was unknown if the creator of the Horcrux would be able to sense that their soul fragment was destroyed, although Dumbledore stated that in the particular case of Voldemort, he would not feel their loss because his soul had been split too many times and had been in that state for too long.

Surya Tej rated it really liked it Apr 11, LockheartMkHxTinac4 and others like this. If a person is more emotionally vulnerable, it is possible for the soul inside the Horcrux to take control of him or her, as Ginny Weasley using her.

He’d acted almost as if he’d known what was going to happen. Clearly I wasn’t the only immortal wizard in Britain. Aunt Petunia pulled her arm away and began patting Dudley on the back and cooing softly as she led him into the parlor. So this was the child of prophecy, was it? Whatever happened to keeping a respectful, reverent distance? So what’s going to happen at Hogswarts when Tom is in Harry instead of possessing Quirrel?

Stepping into the train station as the Dursleys’ car squealed away, I had never been happier. I’m going to need some help with it, though,” he said, rapidly changing gears. The more Horcruxes one creates, the less human they become, both emotionally and physically; for example, in the house-elf Hokey ‘s memory Tom Riddle is initially shown to be hollow-cheeked but otherwise normal, though ten years later his features look as if they have been burned and blurred, and his skin is extremely white.


Diddyums most certainly will not be seeing any of your unnaturalness. I don’t know why I’m trusting the likes of you with this. HP vs Alastor Moody Pt 4 What had already been a horrible day was rapidly getting worse. Underground ChambersHogwarts Castle. The locket, the cup, the snake, and something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw … It seemed hopeless and overwhelming as a whole, so he’d have to start in pieces and work from there.

I had obviously vanished, and my followers had either been arrested or rejected me.

In fact, the writing is great and the plot is great. The next several years were spent struggling to legitimize my movement.

But her presence here would certainly be a nice contrast to Aunt Petunia, his mind said, betraying him. Also, do you think the object has to seventj present when the death occurs? Still, I’m well into writing the story, so I promise to keep the chapters coming.

The Seventh Horcrux

I will definitely re-read it and try to give a review. I was Lord Voldemort, for Merlin’s sake! It would be best for all of them to avoid a confrontation. I did like how ramshackle his initial rise was.

Want to Read saving…. Harry put a hand to his cheek, wincing at the deep bruising.