Products hasco logo · Home; >; Product catalogue. Filter by. Category. Product catalogue ( ); Z (); H (); General mould components (); Cooling. Products hasco logo. Home; >; Product catalogue. Filter by. Category. Product catalogue ( ); Z (); H (); General mould components (); Cooling. Home; >; Product catalogue; >; Z. Z-Standards. The proven accessory range includes DLC-coated guide and ejector elements, latch locking units and two- stage.

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Print Optimization Engineer Amy Sissala. Our company magazine Check it out for yourself!

By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to our privacy policy. At Meusburger all standard components are heat treated for stress relief guaranteeing low warping in further processing.

Product catalogue | HASCO Portal

In Search of the Perfect Fit: Die making Finished and ready for wire EDM. Learn more about the event here. With the level of intricacy enabled by Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing, HASCO redesigned the screw with a reduced wall thickness and subsequently 3D printed a mold insert hssco the new specifications in order to test the integrity of the design before mass production.

If not, create your ID now. Mold making High-precision standard components for mold making from stress relieved high-grade steel.


See How HASCO 3D Prints Quick-Change Injection Molds to Set New Price/Performance Benchmark

You are using a web browser or a browser version not supported by this website! Quality Innovations Flip catalogs.

Stratasys 3D printing is an agile solution hasck designing, testing and manufacturing injection molds. There is also 3D Content Central, which is exclusively Solidworks models. If you already have access data for the Meusburger portal, please log in here: Through the systematic use of standard parts substantial cost savings can be made.

Standard part mold marking library | MySolidWorks

Materials Engineer Emily Hunt. If the manufacturer does not have models on their website, go to a 3d model site like Part Server or 3D Content Central. Special plates Meusburger provides special plates with dimensions according to customer specifications, in various versions and with the same high quality as usual.

Please log in to continue with the ordering process. Finished and ready for wire EDM. When producing a sealing plug for its industry-standard A clamping fixture, HASCO identified catalo the walls of the ABS plastic sealing screw would need to be 12mm thick to seal the large number of threaded holes.

Consistent high quality based on strict quality guidelines. We wish you a successful day. It has content from both the manufacturers as well as models that are uploaded from Solidworks users. Log in Are you already a customer? Continuous availability of the products due to the industry’s largest warehouse for standard parts. More than 18, customers all over the world cztalog use of the numerous advantages molf standardization and benefit from the company’s over 50 years of experience in working with steel.


Meusburger – Setting Standards

Innovation at the Intersection of Design, Technology and Medicine. Short lead times through optimized processes and excellent logistics networks. We have expanded our range of stainless steel hazco in many areas for you. Contact We are gladly available for you from Monday to Friday from 8: High-precision standard components for die making from stress relieved high-grade steel. Wizard for the modular concept With the new modular design wizard you can configure your die modules in just 4 steps.

We view this as an application area with significant potential, and we will continue to work with partners such as HASCO to further extend the benefits of additive manufacturing into the world of mold making and injection molding.