The Hekhalot and Merkavah Literature and Its Mystical Tradition. Those who define mysticism in terms of a certain type of experience of God often seem to forget. Heikhalot Literature. Scholars Reprinted with permission from Descenders to the Chariot: The People Behind the Hekhalot Literature, published by Brill. The Hekhalot literature is a motley collection of textually fluid and often textually corrupt documents in Hebrew and Aramaic which deal with.

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Besides the early Enoch traditions Enochthe ascent and deification of Moses described by Ezekiel the Tragedian, the apotheosis of Melchizedek in Qumran and gnostic liteerature, and the transfiguration of Jesus in Mark 9 are all worthy of re-examination from this perspective. Transliterations of Hebrew and Greek, as well as diacritics of European languages, follow the conventions of Ioudaios-Review http: Suriah, the Sar Torah, and the Sar Panim must be summoned correctly or the practitioner is in danger of precipitating serious violence against himself, if not causing the destruction of the world para.

Only Metatron in 3 Enoch was friendly and did not need to be controlled through magic. The writers hekhalit to do the hskhalot things that shamans do, and they claim, as a result of their practices, to have the same experiences that shamans uekhalot.

They showed him the future tribulations of his people during his lifetime and equipped him with various shamanic powers with which to aid them. The fire that goes forth from the man who gazes burns him and scorches him.

Hekhalot literature

A very common way is by ingesting mind-altering drugs of various types. He befriended a female spirit who answered some of his questions nekhalot tested him further. He was four years old when the spirits first called him.

However, a somewhat similar effect may have been achieved by protracted repetition of divine names. And for the last day I prayed three times and invoked and PRQDS, the angel of the Presence, descended, and lliterature him were angels of mercy. After his initiatory vision see below he continued a rigorous regime involving a special diet and celibacy. And let it be a great seal upon the limbs of my body, as it is written, “Holy, holy, holy” Isa 6: See especially Halperin’s comments on p.

  LEY 189-11 PDF

And the way of the ladder on high is that its one head is on earth and its other head is on the right foot of the throne of glory. This page was last edited on 14 Julyat Indiana University, Yediot Achronot, Hebrew. The citation G with a number e. Citations from the Physiognomy of R.

Whether this future hejhalot is the writer’s present or not remains unclear. After his intiatory transformation he was returned to earth. Space allows for only a single example, the first part of a song sung during the Evenki ceremony of “searching for souls of the sick. In order to follow up this assertion it is necessary to define a number of terms and draw some important distinctions.

The study of the Hekhalot literature raises the obvious yekhalot of whether and to what degree the texts reflect actual mystical experiences. It describes the effect that the vision of God on his throne has on one who sees it:. Nehuniah “stood and made me descend to the chariot.

I take no position in this paper on the date of composition and redaction of the Hekhalot literature or on its precise relationship to Second Temple apocalyptic and esoteric literature on the latter question, see the discussion in the last two sections of this article. God of the attendants, And His name is declared holy over the attendants.

However, the internet gives conflicting information about them. They are repeatedly described as “meriting from one to four crowns” PRI paras. The Hekhalot literature is post-rabbinical, and not a literature of the rabbis, but since it seeks to stand in continuity with the Rabbinic literature often pseudepigraphical. But there is a wide consensus as to what this content is.

These results also indicate that both anthropological approaches to intermediation between the human and divine worlds and further study of the Hekhalot literature may give us new tools to help unlock the secrets of divine mediator traditions in antiquity. I suggest that the practitioners who used Hekhalot praxes probably used the other closely related magical texts and thus may have been healers and exorcists as well.


Hereditary or “marked” shamans usually do not resist the call. In the Hekhalot literature specific theurgic praxes are used to interact with divine mediators. Nehuniah was clearly describing an ideal descent to the chariot, the writer of paras. Batei midrashot has many of the text cited in the wikipedia article.

Hekhalot Literature – Brill Reference

The other is the second in litertaure series of five hymns at the end of the work. Ishmael the twelve constellations and begins reciting a horoscope:. And he shall have a sign on the fingers of his hands and the toes of his feet, or an extra finger [or “toe”] on his hands or on his feet.

And piterature me from all the enraged ones who stand before You and let them love me before You. Nick was one of the eleven spiritual “grandfathers” of Wallace Black Elk, who was groomed to be a shaman from childhood in accordance with a prophecy of nineteen generations before Wallace Black Elk and William S.

Mohr [Siebeck] And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.

Hekhalot Literature

Ishmael for protection from the angels who stand in the heavenly throne room. The Hekhalot literature is a bizarre conglomeration of Jewish esoteric and revelatory texts produced sometime between late antiquity and the early Middle Ages. In this case the goal seems to be the magical granting of a wish.

Mi Yodeya works best with JavaScript enabled. Nevertheless, it provides an important context for difficult texts in earlier strata of the Hekhalot literature. I accept Hultkrantz’s description as a working definition that can, as we shall see, be widely applied cross-culturally.