47 — Oppression — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-SEVEN –. OPPRESSION. Other titles: Exhaustion, The Symbol of Repression and Confinement, Adversity. I Ching Hexagram 47 – The embarrassment – Circumstances or appearances play a negative role. Justifying oneself is useless, one will be understood later. Archetype Oppression. CR P02 C47 A Therefore they set taskmasters over them to oppress them with forced labor. They built supply cities, Pithom and.

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Exupery Reading at a Glance: I first asked “What steps can I take to begin our relationship anew? Ehxagrama in difficulty, in distress, thinking there will be regret if one acts, one does regret.

47: Oppression

There is some humiliation, but you will accomplish your aim. This would be a good move. The offering can be allowing the ego needs to fall away so that you connect with a spiritual perspective.

You ostensibly have all you need but you feel oppressed by lack of recognition. The death of the physical body is one hexgrama the supremer forms of the principle of Crucifixion. In Oppression we have the image of a dry lake bed.

Friends or no friends??? When you find yourself in the dumps, hitch a ride to higher ground with whatever will get you there. The future suddenly grows brighter. The connection to the common source of value is disturbed.


iChing Oppression

Slowly this will be loosened. Reading at a Glance: Because of the danger presented the situation can be humiliating although you protect yourself from its affects and remain silent. When the regal robe comes, it is beneficial to make a ceremonial offering. A vermillion sash-wearer man of very high rank appears; it is advisable to utilize this opportunity to offer sacrifice.

Support Zong Gua underlying cause 22 Grace: In case you can’t get to the link, I had asked the Yi what would happen if I halted email communications with my partner? Advantageous to make presentations to your ideals. The man is oppressed by stone. Do not cooperate with existing powers. Ponce — Kabbalah Lines 2 and 5 specifically mention sacrifice: Circle of Meanings Oppressed, restricted, exhausted, cut off, at the end of your resources; prisons, penal codes, a noble oppressed by a harsh ruler and oppressive duties; worry, fear, anxiety, fatigue, disheartened, weary; the moment of truth, search within to find the way out.

Hence line two is straitened while he fares sumptuously. He is straitened by his ministers in their scarlet knee covers. Then line one is run over by line two, which is represented as a chariot of metal.

On the other there is 47, offering a sense of exhaustion and depression, and that whatever I have to say has no effect on others – that in fact, I’m headed for a lot of loneliness and that I need to prepare for that I read Those who need help are stranded. Not yet appropriate indeed.

  ANSI ASQ Z1.4 2003 PDF

Hexagram 47 unchanging Hexagram The red knee covers hexagram the ruler from those of the nobles, which are nexagrama. As regards speech making, to be fond of argument or persuasion is the way to be reduced to extremity.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 47

To enter one’s palace and not see one’s wife is inauspicious. It is advisable to offer sacrifice. Problems may still remain after such help arrives, but the anchor that kept your mind mired in your troubles — real or imagined — is being lifted.

During hard times it is especially essential to tap that wellspring of human endurance — hope.

Line 2 One was expecting nothing, when an unexpected visit occurs that will allow to review their judgment. Often more is learned from the sour than from the sweet. It is good for making offerings. Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting jexagrama of Inspiration and Realization.

I didn’t get any response to this former reading, so any thoughts there would be great as yexagrama