Our header file lcd.h makes interfacing 16×2 character LCD with using Keil C simpler and user friendly. Just include the header file and enjoy. LCD Interfacing with 89C51 – microcontroller – Circuit & C program. Learn how to interface 16 x 2 LCD and microcontroller using C code and circuit. This is a circuit diagram of Interfacing 16X2 LCD with AT89C51 which is a microcontroller family. We use LCD displays for displaying the error messages, etc.

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Also instruction command codes are sent to these pins.

We will discuss in detail about the commands later. Repeat above steps for sending another data. Pin 3 is connected to a preset of 10k? If we make RS pin low and put llcd data on the data line, the module will recognize it as a command.

Here P 1 is used as output port which is connected to data pins of the LCD.

An LCD module can be interfaced with a microcontrlller either in 8 bit mode as seen above or in 4 bit mode. Choosing Motor For Robots. The reset circuit, oscillator circuit and power supply need to be provided for the proper working microccontroller the circuit. You may also like: El retardo es demasiado corto. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components.


Use 2 lines and 5×7 matrix. See the circuit diagram for better understanding.

The pin description of this module is given below. As shown in the circuit diagram, port 0 of the controller is used for interfacing it with LCD module. LCD Liquid Crystal Display screen is an electronic display interfave and find a wide range of applications.

how to interface 16×2 LCD with microcontroller (AT89C51) – CONSBEDDED

Sorry for the question. E pin is for enabling the module.

Please check — http: A preset is a three legged electronic component which can be made to offer varying resistance in a circuit. Data register is for placing the data to be displayedand the command register is to place the commands.

LCD interfacing with Microcontroller (AT89C51) – Circuit & C Program

LCD can be easily interfaced with a microcontroller to display a message or status imterface a device. Skip to main content. This is achieved by displaying their status on a small display module. Thankyou for taking the efforts! Hi I constructed the circuit exactly as it is on my simulator and just copied the program and nothing is appearing on the LCD.

In this way the total number of pins can be reduced to 6. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. DB0 to DB7 are the data pins. A 16×2 LCD display is very basic module and is very commonly used in various devices and circuits. POT R2 is used for adjusting the contrast of the display. High level at this pin enables read mode and low level at this pin enables write mode.


The resistance is varied by A high to low pulse is given at EN pin when data is sent. Interface GPS with Arduino. This will save us 4 pins of our controller which we might employ it for other purpose. It is very important to keep a track of the working of almost all the automated and semi-automated devices, be it a washing machine, an autonomous robot or anything else.

How to interface 16×2 LCD with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Here we only need to write to the LCD module. The module were are talking about here is type number JHDA which is a very popular one. A 16x 2 LCD means it can display 16 characters per line and there are 2 such microcontrollerr.

In this LCD each character is displayed in 5×7 pixel matrix.

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