The high-performance AG-HPX P2 handheld fills out the P2HD Series by incorporating the telephoto, and features three manual rings for precise control. I’ve just posted the European version of the HPX manual and also the US versions of the AC and AC for anyone interested. Operating instructions, Volume • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AG- HPXEN User Manual.

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Shot Mark Thumbnail operations continued Shot mark Text memo A shot mark can be added to a clip thumbnail to During recording or playback, you can add text distinguish this clip from the others. Screen displays Viewfinder screen status displays Selecting viewfinder display In addition to video, the viewfinder or LCD monitor information Not enough space left on the hard disk. To title a gpx250 Perform steps 1 to 5.

Panasonic Camcorder AG-HPX user manual – – Solve your problem

Iris Adjustments Shooting in manual mode continued Iris adjustments Adjusting the gain When the display is dark, increase the gain to brighten the display.

A Hppx250 card on which the maximum number of Clip with yellow defective clip indicators can be overwrites has been exceeded. Make sure that the card has been installed in the adaptor before using it. Enter text from picture: Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and.

T hese can be set in the properties of recorded The thumbnail screen appears on the LCD clips.

Ensures proper color rendition when shooting out in the open or under halogen lighting. Reads the selected scene file 1 — 4 settings stored on the SD memory card. Digital video equipment Dubbing Other Digital video equipment cable optional 6-pin Editing Connect one of these cables to the However, be sure to use the P2 Viewer when returning data to a P2 card.


Connect the hard disk drive via USB. Use a P2 card with the same model number or copy video in clip units. Screen displays 33 32 31 30 29 28 1 TC Press the same USER button to turn the feature off.

Panasonic AG-HPXEN User Manual | pages | Also for: AG-HPXP

Display clips with shot marks. Setting of clip meta data During display of names of metadata, push Information such as the name of person who Clip Information Modification of recorded clip metadata Displays detailed information about the clip. Fbc flash Band Compensation Shooting techniques for different targets continued FBC Flash Band Compensation Using FBC This camera-recorder comes with a function to FBC goes on when the brightness of the compensate for and minimize light band flash lower half of the image differs markedly from band interference that occurs with the MOS hpx205 previous half, which could be caused by imager when shooting in an environment where light from a camera flash or other jpx250 light flash photography is taking place.

If the clip is recorded on order, by shooting dates and times. For upx250, selecting a VFR recording frame rate of 12 fps when shooting at a 24P mannual format yields a fast-motion effect of manial. The following information is displayed depending on the situation.

Deactivates the auto iris control in auto mode. Page of Go. To change from the manual focus mode to the on the viewfinder and LCD go out. Sd Memory Card Status Display Thumbnail operations continued SD memory card status display The status display enables a confirmation of the SD memory card formatted condition, available memory capacity etc.

Download it from the following website. The thumbnail screen appears on the LCD Adding a text memo monitor. Digital video equipment Dubbing Other Digital video equipment cable optional 6-pin Connect one of these cables to the terminal on the recorder. The following information is manua, Flashes when device settings of Digital zoom function Assign the D.


If looking through the Panasonic Camcorder AG-HPX user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:.

S hifts the target highlighted digit to the right. Use manuaal function to check that recording is No available space on card, card is performed normally. This leaves less than 0. The newly developed 22x zoom lens covers a wide shooting range, from wide-angle to telephoto, and features three manual rings for precise control.

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Thumbnail operations continued Thumbnail manipulations overview Thumbnail screens are configured as follows: These recording modes excluding one-clip recording are available only with the following settings. Multiple devices are connected. Camera-Recorder, refer to Manal Instructions Vol. You can carry out the operations below by using the Operation lever on the thumbnail screen.

Produces a tone similar to movie film. Page 26 Recording with Variable Frame Rate VFR continued Overcranking effects Overcranking produces slow-motion playback, which is frequently used in climax scenes, or for dramatic effects like car chases and action scenes. Use a new hard disk or formatted hard disk. Screen displays Selecting viewfinder display Viewfinder screen status displays information In addition to video, the viewfinder or LCD monitor shows messages indicating camera-recorder To select items maual the viewfinder screen, open the settings and operating status, center markers, DISPLAY SETUP screen and turn on or off each safety zone markers, zebra patterns and other item or type.

To remove stubborn dirt, wipe the Projection camera-recorder with a cloth moistened with kitchen detergent that has been diluted with water and then use amnual dry cloth to take up the remaining moisture.

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