HT46R23 datasheet, HT46R23 circuit, HT46R23 data sheet: HOLTEK – A/D Type 8-Bit MCU,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. A/D Type 8-Bit MCU (HT46C23 EOL) The HT46R23/HT46C23 are 8-bit, high performance, RISC architecture microcontroller devices specifically designed for . HT46R23 Datasheet PDF Download – 8-Bit OTP Microcontroller, HT46R23 data sheet.

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The program memory is used to store the program in. The contents of the specified data memory are copied to the accumulator. If the stack is full, power down flag PDand watchdog time-out flag TO.

The destination will be within locations. In this situation chronize external logic. The reference voltage is VDD. The program counter then points to the. The definitions are as shown.

The result is stored in the data memory. At nect a pull-high resistor respectively.

It is particularly suitable for use in products such as washing machine controllers and home appli- ances. The contents of the data memory remain unchanged. Data in dtaasheet specified data memory is decremented by 1. The contents of the specified data memory are decremented by 1. Enable or disable LVD function. The system clock is internally divided into four non-overlapping clocks. The lower byte of the program counter PCL is a read- able and writeable register 06H.


This option defines the wake-up function activity.

The program counter ht64r23 points to the memory word containing the next instruction code. The data memory is divided into two functional groups: In the transmit mode, the transmitter checks RXAK bit to know the receiver which wants to receive Rev.

There are three types of selection: The system clock is. After accessing a program memory word to fetch an in- struction code, the contents of the program counter are in- cremented by one.

HT46R23 Datasheet(PDF) – Holtek Semiconductor Inc

The data is stored in the HDR register. Current program counter bits Rev. Receive acknowledge bit When the receiver wants to continue to receive the next data byte, it generates an acknowledge bit TXAK at Rev. Otherwise proceed with the next instruction 1 cycle.

The indicated address is then loaded.

HT46R23 Datasheet PDF

The destination will be. I2C is a trademark of Philips Semiconductors.

The device provides an external interrupt, an internal The ALU provides the following functions: However, Holtek as- sumes no responsibility arising from the use of the specifications described.

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The conditional skip is activated by instructions. T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 T 1 When executing a jump instruction, conditional skip ex- ecution, loading PCL register, subroutine call, initial re- set, internal interrupt, external interrupt or return from subroutine, the PC manipulates the program transfer by loading the address corresponding to each instruction. Until setting the TON, the ters, respectively. A HALT feature is included to reduce power con- sumption. The contents of the specified data memory are incremented by 1.

If an instruction changes the program counter, two cycles are required to complete the instruction. PCL performs a short jump. If the wake-up results from an interrupt acknowledgment, Rev. The system clock for the microcontroller is derived from. The contents of the specified data memory are rotated 1 bit right with bit 0 rotated to bit 7. The related interrupt request flag the stack.

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