Introducción a la HPLC: aplicación y práctica. Front Cover. Oscar Alberto Quattrocchi. Artes Gráficas Farro, – pages. 6 oct. We are always happy to assist you. Document Description. Introduccion a La HPLC Quattrocchi. Document Share. Documents Related. Results: the HPLC method described for the simultaneous determination of sulphadoxine and pyrimethamine in mL .. Quattrocchi OA, De Andrizzi SA, Laba RF. Introducción a la HPLC Aplicación y. Práctica. Buenos Aires: Artes Gráficas.

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Six patient volunteers who quatttocchi using nifedipine mg once daily as treatment for hypertension participated in this study. Precision and accuracy Quality control samples spiked at three concentrations 0. The results are presented in Tables 1 and 2. Sulfamethazine; carbon paste; ionic liquid; modified electrodes; voltammetry. Sun Mar 18, 1: Table 3 summarized all of validated values.

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Care37 The accuracy and precision did not exceed 4. The United States Pharmacopeia ; U.

Acta8 Resolution R S between both peaks was 3. In patients with normal renal and hepatic function, the plasma half-life of nifedipine is about 2 h when administered as conventional capsules, and about 7 h when administered as extended-release tablets.

All chemicals and reagents were of analytical grade. Hello people, I am starting to work with chromatography and would like to recommend some books, I would like to better understand how to predict retention times according to chosen column and mobile phase and other things.


The organic layer was transferred to another glass tube and the contents were evaporated to dryness at room temperature under a gentle stream of pure nitrogen. Best regards, Dmitriy A. Antimicrobial therapy in veterinary medicine, 2nd ed.

Introduccion a La HPLC Quattrocchi – Documents

Nifedipine was dissolved with chloroform: Tue Aug 17, 7: Calibration curves Calibration curves were constructed using peak-area ratio for the nifedipine and the internal standard carbamazepine as a function of the concentration added. Care44 The Merck veterinary manual. The nifedipine concentration ranged between 0. And they are too old. Best luck Mucha suerte Fernando. In total there are 6 users online:: Methods Standard solutions Nifedipine was dissolved with chloroform: Detection and quantification limits Serum spiked with nifedipine standard to obtain concentrations of 0.

The method was applied to the determination of sulfamethazine in a veterinary commercial solution. Application of the method The nifedipine concentration ranged between 0. Guzman-Vazquez de Prada, A. Acta6 Iowa State University Press, Calibration curves were constructed using peak-area ratio for the nifedipine and the internal standard carbamazepine as a function of the concentration added.


Some wavelengths were tried, and nm was selected as working wavelength.

Calcium-channel blockers, as nifedipine, are considered one of several preferred antihypertensive drugs for the initial management of hypertension in patients with a high risk of developing coronary artery disease, including those with introducccion mellitus. Chromatographic chambers were previously saturated with solvent mixture for 20 min.

Wed Aug 11, 4: Bioanalytical Method Validation, U. Liquid-liquid extraction yields a good recovery of nifedipine from serum. Nifedipine is a 1, 4-dyhydropiridine-derivative calcium-channel blocking agent Figure 1. Actuators B Services on Demand Journal.

Introduccion a La HPLC Quattrocchi

Ngila, Talanta 58, The mobile phase consisted of chloroform: No interference was observed. Solutions of concentration of 0.

Follow us on Twitter: Moreover, three independent blank human serum samples were checked for any interfering peaks. The volume of serum used was 2 mL. Selectivity The selectivity of the method was examined by preparing and analyzing checked by analyzing human serum samples spiked with nifedipine and the internal standard carbamazepine.