İpek Özkal Sayan (Ankara University) Ahmet Özalp (Hitit University) Abstract The use of the “ethics” word in daily life is widespread. However, it is not noticed. PERSONNEL REFORM: THE MINISTERY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION EXAMPLE Aytül Güneşer Demirci, İpek Özkal Sayan experience gained, it should be. The Autonomy of the Local Governments in Turkey: A Continuous and Current Discussion İpek Özkal Sayan and Barış Övgün Ankara University.

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In sayab lesson, employment system, classification, rights-homework-is banned, access to public services, nomination, appointment, and promotion, registration, discipline, termination of the employment, wages and are dealt with topics such as pensions and public sector personnel system are analyzed in Turkey.

Lecture Brainstorming Brain Based Learning 2.

Week Who is public personnel? Nevertheless, the Turkish legal system is directly involved in the concept of mobbing in private law, and it is necessary to examine the legislation related to public personnel from the point of view of mobbing.

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Lecture Colloquium Brain Based Learning. Secondly, it has already been determined that there is no satisfactory legal regulation regarding mobbing, and that the path to the victims who are suffering from mobbing is uncertain.


Career system in the world and in Turkey. In summary, in the study carried out in the public sector, the concept of mobbing, which has been a backward plan according to the private sector, is discussed in every dimension in terms of public sayna and what sort of arrangements should be made in this area is open to debate.

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Lecture Colloquium Problem Based Learning. Ankara University Bologna Information System.

Lecture Colloquium Problem Based Learning The mobbing phenomenon was first described in s for business life, and after that date the number of studies conducted in the s, particularly in European countries and all over the world, has been rapidly increasing.

Why is the Diploma Supplement necessary? Favoritism and merit system in the world and in Turkey. Lecture Colloquium Brain Based Learning 4. Scientific studies related to the mobbing in Turkey has begun to emerge zka the early s and interest in the subject has increased in this year.

Reform in Public Personnel Administration System.

Lecture Brainstorming Brain Based Learning. Mobbing cases examined, but usually without considering a zal in terms of private sector working together with public employees, the issue is quite new in terms of public organizations in Turkey. The field of administrative, judical,academic, military personnel. Instruction Methods, Technics and Wayan.


Based on this deficiency, the study also aims to examine the mobbing phenomenon in terms of public organizations through legislation. Lecture Brainstorming Brain Based Learning 5.

What is Public Personnel Administration?

Vocational Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree 2. What does the Diploma Supplement offer to higher education institutions?

Ankara University | Bologna Information System

What does the Diploma Supplement offer to Students? Choose An Academic Unit For this reason, what kind of behaviors should be defined as mobbing in public organizations, and which parameters should be determined in relation to mobbing should be discussed in absolute terms.

Abstract Mobbing is one of the most important issues that have emerged in the forefront of working life in recent years and cause debate. Week What is Public Personnel Administration?

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