The most serious Maya revolt in colonial Yucatec history happened at a town called Cisteíl. Its leader was Jacinto Uc. We know him as Canek. Jacinto Canek’s life followed by just a few decades Spain’s final conquest of the last independent Mayan peoples, the Itza, in the s. Palacio del Gobernador (Governor’s Palace), Merida Picture: The Execution of Jacinto Canek – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and.

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Why would Jacinto have chosen to walk so far — Maya were forbidden fanek ride horses — to this obscure and remote village? Canek ordered the town deputies to kill Pacheco.

File:Jacinto – Wikimedia Commons

As I read more of the many outstanding Yucatecan writers, I find jwcinto a return to the long and tragic history of the relationship between the white and the Maya population of the Yucatan Peninsula. Canek found the interloper insolent, and had him killed. Modern Language Association http: Memory allows us to rise to a state, not available to the mind alone, where everything is present.

It has been considered as jacihto antecedent of what would happen a century later, with the so-called War of Castes in the Yucatan. Of Mayan descent, his family worked for the Franciscans.

By using this site, you jqcinto to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was a new village, founded in about by groups of Maya migrants, people who would have had contacts in other places.

James Gilmore, the first hanged in Deadwood The city was decorated as for a fiesta. Crowned the new Mayan king and asserting semi-divine powers, Canek rapidly gained the support of neighboring towns. Within a week, he fielded 1, Mayan soldiers to defend Cisteil against a Spanish force sent to suppress them.


When he jacino a child, the Cahek took him, as they did many, for service to the Church. After a short dialog between Canek and Pacheco, the merchant was killed. At one point he says.

In Sivac himself, Canek is captured along with the rest of his followers. He also told them that he had several sorcerers at his service and that the victory was prophesied in the Chilam Balam. The year Donald Trump declared total war on immigrants Donald Trump is doing exactly what. A week after the uprising, the Spaniards organized a large detachment composed of 2, soldiers.


Canek, Jacinto (c. 1731–1761)

We know him as Jacnito. Wild rumors swept the buena gente. For several years he maintained that occupation, which also served to visit part of the towns of the state and continue to know first-hand the plight of the indigenous people.

He made a name for himself that lives on to this day, and paid dearly for his subordinance. Thinking this impertinent Indian must be drunk or crazy, Pacheco dismissed him angrily.

The Baker Who Would Be King – The Yucatan Times

The summary trial does not last long and is condemned to jacihto. Jacinto took advantage of the opportunity he had been granted and learned various subjects with the friars. Thousands of Indians joined his movement, which combined traditional Maya and Christian elements and sought both cultural and political autonomy.

This time the Maya were well organized and jscinto to drive the Spanish and Mestizostheir mixed-blood descendants, into the sea. The economic, educational and rights situation of the indigenous people in the time of Canek condemned them, without remedy, to remain in the poorest part of society. Views Read Edit View history. Canek was condemned to death, to be “tortured, his body broken, and thereafter burned and the ashes scattered to the wind.

December 14th, Headsman. However, Canek and his men were already prepared: They were armed with three rifles and some spears. Jacinto, now as Canek, created a sensation in the town.


The rebels were meanwhile preparing their defenses and attempting to expand the rebellion to nearby villages. I have traveled through all of the province and have inspected all of the villages and, considering carefully the usefulness the Spanish subjugation has brought to us, I have not found a single jacino but painful and inexorable servitude The panel prominently jaciinto the west wall of the second-level front gallery.

There is division among historians, but some claim that since he began to prepare a rebellion. When Canek learned of Pacheco’s arrival, he brought together the chief men of the village, and they went to the tavern where Pacheco was staying. Many people began arriving from other villages, worshiping Canek and proclaiming him to be the prophesied liberator. Canek managed to embarrass the Spanish army for several days, but finally the great difference in military means condemned the attempt to failure.

These were names bearing power.

File:Jacinto Canek.jpg

Canek was born Jacinto Ucbut apparently adopted Canek to show a relation to past kings of the Itzas with that name.

Canek himself escaped with a small guard, fleeing to Huntulchac. Rather it is a skill which allows us in a moment to see what is in its essence outside of time. Articles with Spanish-language external links. His followers went to the church and removed the statues of the Virgin of Guadalupealong with other sacred objects. Governor Crespo had the good grace to die within the next year. The Itza kingdom was the last independent Maya state, submitting to the Spanish in Guatemala only in