Hi all, Dose anyone know if it is possible to download a user manual for a Jessops AFD Flashgun (Canon fit). I have e-mailed Jessops but. If you press the mode button on the flash it will go into manual mode The model i am looking at is the Jessops AFD Digital Flashgun for. For Canon DSLRs – with Guide No 36, Bounce and Swivel, Built-in diffuser/ reflector, backlit LCD, adjustable power and AF light.

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Welcome to Photography-Forum Rules on Links for new members. As it is a TTL gun I would have thought you just put it on and start fireing away? Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so mxnual join Photography Forum. Helpful 0 Not Helpful Flag. I’m having a tough time finding info!

Is there anything specific we can help with.

It has a power-save mode that kick in after about three minutes of inactivity. The art of using flash is,practice makes perfect.

Perhaps check with your local Jessops store to see if it’s still compatible with your current camera though as it says it’s compatible “with most Nikon digital SLR’s” it’s my feeling it SHOULD still work with your D????????? If the flash doesn’t fit easily, check that jessops isn’t a locking pin sticking out because sometimes the lock switch can get moved.

How can this be resolved. If the has an A mode non TTL this should work ok, otherwise it will only work in manual if it has a manual mode. Make sure to test in subdued light indoors to test that last theory of mine! Do you think there is an error in this listing or do you have anything to add to these specifications?


This misfeature makes it jesaops useless for strobist type flash with radio triggers. Posted by roycockram on Oct 23, Tell us some more! EDIT- Oh and one more thing the flash is not a fast one so will not repeatedly flash when using continuous shooting or bracketing on your camera, so it is only suitable for single exposures. Thanks in advance regards Darren In short 360zfd Forums Quick Links. Any more questions ask here and I’ll iessops.

Enabling the optical slave function disables power-save mode, so it works fine as an optical slave. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter.

I don’t know how experienced you are 360afx if you are just starting out probably best to leave the manual mode for now. The Jesssops flash simply works as a dumb slave, when it detects light from an on-camera flash it will fire, you are better of going for the manufacturers own brand if you can afford it. I know this is annoying, but there were good technical reasons why Nikon changed the TTL standards. On Camera Use By default everything is automatic. Your answer needs to include more details to help people.

It has a built-in wide diffuser and reflector card. Last edited by a moderator: Pressing any button on the rear, or half-pressing the camera’s shutter when it is mounted in the camera’s hot-shoe wakes it up again. All I could do was discharge a test flash I never worked out how to make it flash when I was taking a shot Then I spotted a friend of mine using the same model except for a Canon and he said something about it always had to be front or was it rear?


Jessops AFD Flash Instruction Manual | griffp

Cookies help us deliver our service. Hi folks, I’m new here and kinda new to photography, I also purchased this flash gun from eBay without a manual would someone please be so kind as to send me the manual also?

I’ve also used Jessops flash in the past,great little guns-still working today after many,many years of using them. Ages ago I picked up a flash gun from Jessops in the sale and never worked out how to use it. Yes all Canon lenses. Maybe ill just have 360aafd go into Jessops and blag one or see if they will photo copie me one!

Flash guns for complete idiot

The more you zoom in the narrower the coverage of the flash so it would be no good trying to take a group photo at 85mm. The flash has a zoom function, in the default automatic mode, when the flash is facing forwards not angled up for bounce and you are using a zoom lens the flash will adjust its zoom to try and make the best match for the focal length of the lens.

Good comments from Pete.

It goes from 24 mm to 85 mm FX. There are no specific books on this flash. You are on a roll here Will. I don’t end up in situations where I need a flash gun too jesso;s so I’ll take sandwiches to work and save pennies for a secondhand speed light or a Nissin are they any good?