At the request of many families* I’m uploading here my favorite short story ever. I first came to know it through Donna Haraway’s work. The Persistence of Vision. This is Varley’s first story collection — a multiple award winner. It won the Locus Award and the Prix Apollo for Best Single Author. John Varley. The Persistence of Vision. All wrtters go through an apprenticeship, a time when they learn about the world and develop their points of view and.

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But among the group, as in any group, were some misfits. As a result, they spent the rest of their lives in bed, and none of them complained, either. Thi; time I decided to use my freedom from the time clock to see the world. This time she laughed. Nor were they cold; there was plenty of sunlight year-round to power the pumps and the food cycle and to heat their living quarters.

The story can be real food for thought. By handtalk I mean the International Manual Alphabet. But you should read it, and decide for yourself. I walked along beside a woman for a minute. They read about communes in Vislon Mexico, and instruct. I killed a spider in one of the greenhouses, then found out it had been put there to eat a specific set of plant predators.

Inin the United States, there was an epidemic of German measles, or rubella. I never once thought of it as improbable or strange. Each camp had only a number to identify it, persistnce the local populace called them all Geigertowns.

Persistence Of Vision by John Varley | : Books

I had no trouble with that. As a backup in case of a concerted attack, they hired an ex-marine visioh teach them the fundamentals of closein dirty fighting.


No one’s stayed here much longer than a few days. She had a nasty scrape on her left knee that was oozing blood. I reached it at Keller in about two weeks.

And still they expanded equilaterally. How long am I welcome? It was no trick to see that it was some sort of traffic pattern read with the feet. They use a shorthand of grunts and shrugs and omitted parts of speech, and I always felt like a dude when I talked to them.

But her legs were up, and he was on top of her, that much I was sure of. But while crossing New Mexico, he encounters a commune unlike any that has ever existed, and it will change his life. The rides began to pick up visionn of Des Moines, then got visiom again as I neared the refugee camps bordering the China Strip.

The Persistence of Vision (short story)

I seldom stayed more than three weeks at any one place, and always pulled my weight. I scarcely spoke a single word after the third day. There were fifty-five of them, with nine children aged varrley months to six years. And a man-I will pereistence him Baldy-who brought me a plank he and one of the women had been planing in the woodshop. They involve patience, love, and dedication, and the teachers brought all that to their jobs. Vision becomes a liability as “The Persistence of Vision” challenges the social norms and conventions that are traditionally taken for granted.

I guess I had a false sense of these people’s vulnerability; I felt like a burglar. There were insects in the water to kill other insects; it got to a point where I was afraid to swat a mayfly without prior okay. They didn’t even have a word in shorthand that could translate directly into English as sex.


I sure wouldn’t want to be varleh else, from what I know of the outside.

The Persistence of Vision – John Varley – FULL PDF

The dining hall was in a rectangular building made of brick. They had a good picture of the world as it is, not the rosy misconceptions so many other utopians labor under. It won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for best novella in I was drawn in and nudged gently from all directions.

I could never detail all the nuts and bolts there’s that machine ‘metaphor again of how the place worked. I had become adept at saying prayers before supper in one place, chanting Hare Krishna at another, and going happily nudist at still another. But there were successes. It was an important break, for they needed someone there whom they could trust.

The Persistence of Vision – John Varley

My feet toughened up after a few days of awful blisters. She was dark, with blue eyes and curly hair lighter than her skin.

There is only so much that can be accomplished at such a distance. She was turning over slowly, holding her knee. I don’t know how to explain it, but the spanking was administered in such a loving way that I didn’t feel violated.

I don’t know much about Persiatence, but I’d heard they were out here.