Swing JProgressBar Class – Learn SWING in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment. Java JProgressBar example with topics on JButton, diifference between AWT and swing, JRadioButton, JTextField, JTextArea, JList, The JProgressBar class is used to display the progress of the task. It inherits Computer Network tutorial. JProgressBar – Java Swing: JProgressBar It is visually displays the progress of some task. setStringPainted(boolean value): Sets the value of.

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By the simple fact that this example uses a progress monitor, it adds a feature that wasn’t present in the version of the program that uses a progress bar: After you see a progress bar and a progress monitor in action, Deciding Whether to Use a Progress Bar or a Progress Monitor can help you figure out which is appropriate for your application.

Click the OK button. Task is a subclass of javax. Also, if you want your progress bar to display a String message, you first have to call pb. The no-argument constructor initializes the progress bar with a minimum and initial value of 0 and a maximum of The constructor with two integer arguments specifies the minimum and maximum values. This value is used by the monitor to set up the progress bar in the dialog.

By default, the value of the percent string is the value returned by getPercentComplete formatted as a percent. Progress monitor won’t pop up a dialog if the task completes within the timeframe you set.


When the user clicks Startan instance of the inner class Task is created and executed. The example updates the note each time the timer fires an action event.

SWING JProgressBar Class

Once the progress bar has some concrete status to display, a call to setIndeterminate false switches the progress bar back into its normal mode. Once the progress monitor has decided to display a dialog or notthe progress jprogressba cannot do it again. When the user clicks the Start button, setIndeterminate true is invoked jprogressnar that the user can tell that the task has started, even before any tutoroal information about the task’s progress can be conveyed.

A progress bar that displays a string is likely to be taller than one that doesn’t, and, as the demo designers, we’ve arbitarily decided that this progress bar should display a string only when it’s in the default, determinate mode. Sets the indeterminate property of the progress bar, which determines whether tutkrial progress bar is in determinate or indeterminate mode. Subclasses that want to handle change events from the model differently can override this to return an instance of a custom ChangeListener implementation.

ProgressBarDemo2 This section Uses a basic progress bar to show progress on a task running in a separate thread. Here’s the actionPerformed method of the timer’s action listener: Examples and practices described in this page don’t take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases.

Note that the progress bar starts animating as soon as the button is pressed, and then switches back into determinate mode like ProgressBarDemo. Inside workafter you’ve obtained a reference to the progress bar which I’ll call “pb”, call pb.

Sign up using Facebook. Your task displays a short message periodically while running.


SWING – JProgressBar Class

Set or get the current value of the progress bar. Sometimes a task running within a program might take jprogrewsbar while to complete. This section and How to Use Swing Timers. The following tables list the commonly used API for using progress bars and progress monitors. You jproyressbar get the stream’s progress monitor with a call to getProgressMonitor and configure it as described in How to Use Progress Monitors. Jprogresbar to Use Password Fields Next page: If, after two seconds, the progress monitor’s progress is less than its maximum, the monitor will bring up the dialog.

Set or get the maximum value of the progress monitor. It updates the monitor’s current value at the same time: However, a progress bar’s minimum and maximum values can be any value, even negative.

The Task instance does three important things for ProgressBarDemo:.

Another way of indicating work is to set the wait cursor, using the Cursor class and the Component -defined setCursor method.

After the dialog pops up, click the Cancel button.

JProgressBar « Swing « Java Tutorial

Progress monitor provides a GUI for the user to cancel the task. You want an easy way to display progress in a dialog. As your method completes each step, call pb.

Thus, the code leaves in the call to setStringPainted true but adds a call to setString “” so that no text will be displayed.