Verano de Durante una rutilante fiesta de la alta sociedad en Riverton Manor, un joven y prometedor poeta se quita la vida. Invierno de Grace. Buy La casa de Riverton by KATE MORTON (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. MagnĂ­fico retrato de los Ășltimos esplendores de la aristocracia inglesa, un mundo de convenciones y secretos atravesado por vehementes pasiones y terribles.

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Kate Morton en : Libros y Ebooks de Kate Morton

Morton can weave the most elaborate stories to warm the heart. I liked the good ending. Dec 18, JoLee rated it it was ok Shelves: Retrieved from ” https: It was a time of prosperity and vitality for the inhabitants of Riverton, and Grace relishes her new position. Much more irritating was the mention of Riverton Hall burning — a whole wing plus blackening of the rest of the house — followed by a visit by Grace and her secret?

I found this to be very entertaining, with a satisfying gothic-like feel to the story. I am sad that it’ll be at least another year before her next one I have one question.

La casa de Riverton / The House at Riverton: A Novel by Kate Morton | : Books

Maybe this is somewhat intentional, as commentary on the relationship between upstairs and downstairs, but I doubt it somehow, because we are not excluded from the intimate details of every character’s lives, so it is probably just my personal feeling. The Remains of the Day has so much character development. I’d never intended to marry, you see.

In the meantime let me offer the following: It started when she was 14 and entered service to the Hartford’s at The House at Riverton in It is my past, and it is coming for me. She tells Ursula he was a public servant and that they never should’ve been married. The story is part mystery, part historical fiction with some romance thrown in as well, so there is something for everyone: Grace has carried this guilt throughout her life. Nearly ten years later, after David has been killed in WWI, Robbie finds Hannah to return a book she had given her brother.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Prime Now Entrega en 1 hora En miles de productos.

Retrieved 25 May Also, Grace is an awful, awful person. There was a lot of deaths in this kwte, but of course there is going to be when Grace who is 98 tells her story! I loved, loved it since I gave the book the highest rating that exists here, but my emotions are still roiling. They had different personalities and character traits, so Caas was able to easily tell them apart and picture them in my head.

An omission of truth led to tragic consequences. EUR 24,50 usado y nuevo 1 oferta. View all 31 comments. I was pleased that I was unable to guess the truth behind the secret at the end of the novel.

Kate Morton

What could go wrong? I absolutely love this author.

There were so many secrets in this book which made it very suspenseful! She has a story and a secret about the past to tell her wayward grandson who’s gone missing after his wife died of an aneurysm. I mean, really, Hannah couldn’t throw the gun in the lake rather than shooting her lover?

Not on my account. Wonderful characters, setting, plot, I can’t say enough. Baby Florence is sent to live with Hannah’s aunt in America. Mar 08, Noeleen riferton it it was amazing. The novel is full of secrets – some revealed, others hidden forever, reminiscent of the romantic suspense of Daphne du Maurier. That said, this doesn’t happen in her later books, so I think these were debut author style changes L’aniversari secret Catalan Edition 13 marzo She put a lot of work into learning it herself.


La hija del relojero 8 noviembre Aug 23, Kate rated it rivertom was ok. The writing style was very nice and “comfortable” to read.

The House at Riverton

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While I appreciate the detail taken to illuminate the differences in the lives of the social classes, it seemed to take the novel a long time to build up tension around the incident at the heart of the book’s mystery.

Nope, still just super-pissed that she totally destroyed three lives. Gothic type mystery, haunted house, family secrets, World War I, the s. I’m okay with vague, but there needs to be some clarity on what the ‘options’ are as opposed to just making a statement and never exploring the follow-thru aspects.

This was a good historical read, it has a double story going on for the main character.