“La Huésped”, “El Alma” y “La Buscadora” de Stephenie Meyer. likes · 3 talking about this. ¡Hola! Aquí tienes TODA la actualización de la Huésped. La huésped = The host by Stephenie Meyer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La huésped (The Host, ) es una novela romántica de ciencia ficción escrita por Stephenie Meyer. La novela trata de una raza de alienígenas llamados.

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La huésped

I read this novel in and found it much different from her Twilight series and much better than the movie of this book. But she isn’t a quitter and she knows what she is doing. You tell him I said no chance in hell! I have seen some books designated YA and it seemed to be only because one of the main characters is a teenagers. They both make mistakes which makes them real. Wanderer, or Wanda, as she’s known in the novel, is my favorite of the characters.


La huésped = The host : Stephenie Meyer :

Even when they find the Seeker, who does nothing, Wanda, in her immense goodness, finds a way to not only humanize the Seeker, but to rescue her. Wanderer ended up being a wishy-washy perfect special snowflake. However, what really irritates me about this book is the ending. I loved Twilight, but not even those books needed to be so freaking long.

He became like an adult, despite his young age. The important thing is – the movie stills are out. The problem is she doesn’t believe that the aliens are wrong. Her relationships and inward character battles are exhausting and juvenile. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


I read all the books, I found them ok and compared to many YA titles coming out nowadays, they were actually decently written. View all 34 comments.

This is definitely the end of my love affair with SM’s writing.

Stephanie Meyer really did a great job on this one. It’s simpler here because they’re both female, but other problems arise because sstephenie it – like loving the same man, or of Wanderer wanting to respond to Ian but unable to because her host body lusts after another man.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. If you go see it and find the story compelling but the acting not so much, please pick up the meyeer and read it. The funny thing is, I didn’t cry at the end because of the reason that everyone else cried.

La huésped = The host: STEPHENIE MEYER: : Books

If I haven’t already died The things that make this book really good are the internal dialogue between the main characters Melanie and Wanda. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Talk about an emotional roller coaster!!!!

They seem shallow, unbelievable, and small variants on her same cookie cutter. Your time is precious; please don’t waste it on The Host.

You can literally read every 50th page and not miss anything! Kyle is the only one with common sense and he’s supposed to be the bad guy. The rebels seem to resist the implantation since they know what is happening.

I was set to be disappointed by this one in the beginning but it’s one of my favorites now. The characters are so badly written because Meyer is trying to force us to like her leads by making them perfectly flawless.

It’s totally awesome when that happens. Hussped, when he finds out that Melanie is gone and that Wanda took her place, he mejer cruel and unforgiving.


I like how we perceive the stepheni through her eyes, how we get an idea of their motives from her which she is normally wrong about, and then we slowly see the change. And then we get to see Wanderer in two different bodies which change her a bit. The Yeerks were keyer to give their brethren better hosts so they could experience the world like everyone else: I was already irritated because the way the story was being set up was that we the human readers are supposed to be rooting for the body-snatching, world cleansing aliens because they are “good” and we are supposed to be seeing the human resistance as bad because humanity huespe presented in this book is incapable of respecting and taking good care of our beautiful planet.

The story an alien invasion has happen we the humans have lost or have we?

Read more Read less. D But seriously, don’t make a trilogy out of this. Edited after seeing the movie: His own dilemma – that the woman he loves is trapped inside a body ruled by an alien – meter him some excuse, but really, what’s this thing Meyer has about women loving men who treat them horribly? He is cruel and violent towards her.

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