Inside Apple has ratings and reviews. Anne said: I read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs before I read Inside Apple. Taken together, b. . Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired–And Secretive–Company Really Works is a business and economics book on the systems, leadership patterns, strategies, and tactics adopted by Apple Inc.. The book was authored by Adam Lashinsky, who is the Senior Editor-at-Large for. In Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works, Adam Lashinsky, a senior editor at Fortune.

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I find all modern-day packaging fairly innovative.

Fortune’s Lashinsky Penning an “Inside Apple” Book

The book begins with avery unique organizational chart showing how the CEO position is at the center of the company and not the top. New employees, so I learned, are expected to already know how to hook up their brand new Mac computers when they join. If you have read Steve jobs book then there is nothing new here. Well, it is interesting you refer to it as the iPad 3 because that was one of the rumors…. Page 74 summarizes the corporate philosophy: Product dictates finance, not vice versa.

Apple is very focused. This book has nothing new!!!

The book had some good Steve quotes and a smattering of insider information, but really, the era of Total Secrecy at Apple is far from over. Not only is there quite a bit of new fodder about Apple and its workings, but it helped explain some of lashjnsky dealings with not only Apple HQ, but those who have worked there in management roles who are now at other organizations.

I think Apple will change. Most hard core lashinskt and followers know most of this. However, there were some insights and details here that fill out the picture of the company. If this copy ends up in the wrong hands, the responsible party will be fired.

It’s very obvious that he didn’t read the autobiography by walter isaacson. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The typical office day was incredibly demanding with the potential for negative feedback at every step and brutal confrontations for those lucky enough to have input. Log In or sign up to comment. Apple is notoriously secretive about all aspects of its work, and this attitude of secrecy has a spell even over its former workers. Where that could be a good thing, I feel like this was also a bad part about the book too.


Suddenly, new walls would be constructed and if your employee badge would not let you in this area any longer, you were not part of the new secret project. It held my attention from start to finish.

Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky

These are changes, sure, but Apple was changing all the time. As what suggested by the author, most of us outsiders would think that working with Apple is cool lashinsiy it is sort of a dream company you want to work or brag about working in. I’d be curious to know how lahinsky author found so many ex-employees to start with. There are several parts lsahinsky Inside Apple that have already been highlighted by the press, like the lockdown roomsemployee dummy positions and packaging roombut the book contains many other interesting factoids.

On pg “Technology wonks like to gripe that Apple’s produ This book was supposed to be a study of Apple from a business perspective, but it fails in almost every regard. To ask other readers questions about Inside Appleplease sign up. Evergrande Group’s Sea Venice real estate project has attracted hordes of buyers in China’s leisure property market. Shudder that managers paple have their fingers on the pulse of their products.

There is no denying the great success of Apple, whether or not you own or enjoy their products is a different matter altogether, one inwide a personal preference. Do you have a sense of how Cook is putting his stamp on Lashimsky and how he should, in some ways, think differently by not emulating Jobs in everything he does?

Jobs was a product person, and there is no indication that Cook is. Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky. So far, Apple has not changed much at all. It’s an interesting look into how a multi-national company can often bend to one person’s will while trying to keep its rhythm of business alive. The book is written shortly after Jobs passed and contrasts Jobs entrepreneurial culture with someone you wouldn’t expect Jobs to leave his beloved company with, Tim Cook- an ex IBMer, MBA and Supply Chain guy who is nothing like his counterpart– a part of me is left wondering why Scott Forestall, a software engineer also known for his strong keynote addresses wasn’t more seriously considered for the CEO title given his similarities and longer tenure lashinssky Jobs.


View all 4 comments. There may be reason to believe that Cook is more obsessed with secrecy. Talk about Apple, to anyone, even other employees, and you’re done. Should they even try? However, if you live in silicon valley and lwshinsky familiar with what is going on around you, this book just doesn’t have anything new in it Jan 06, Amal added it. Lashinsky quotes many other journalists and authors, including our very own Leander Kahney, and his book will be appreciated by the business sector and Apple cultists alike.

Apple is so secretive internally, they keep secrets from each other. Once a certain product is ready to leave the design labs, an engineering program manager EPM and global supply manager GSM take the reigns. Mar 17, David rated it it was ok.

Inside Apple is a must-read for any self-professed Apple fan. At slightly over pages this is a clear, fast, easy read, for which I am always grateful.

Now it would move in unison, fiefdoms would be banished, and employees would focus on whatever it was they did best–and nothing else. Apple should be more concerned about competing with itself, or at most Google.

I will go so far as to say that I do not see Apple doing a mega acquisition for the foreseeable future, and if they do, it will be a sure sign that lashjnsky culture has changed radically. These three discounted accessories can help [Deals]. Mar 27, Sana Vasli rated it really liked it. I think if companies want to emulate Apple, they need to take a piecemeal approach spple it.

If I told you anything about this I’d have to kill you, as the not very funny quip goes.

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