Leboyer is often mistaken as a proponent for water births. Although Frédérick Leboyer, in Birth Without Violence (), p. Thirty seven years on from the publication of Birth Without Violence, you might imagine that its author, Frederick Leboyer, who is now 93, had. About the importance of the right circumstances during birth.

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Made some good points but the poetic form made it seem less scientific and believable.

As little as I may like how this book is written, it’s much better than what “school book” doctors seem to consider a “traditional” birth: Both mother and child are supposed to just be glad they’re both alive thanks to modern medicine if they complain about their birth experience.

Leboyer’s wiyhout techniques show us how a birth without violence has far-reaching implications for improving the quality of human life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Frédérick Leboyer

The classic guide to gentle birth that revolutionized the way we welcome our children into the world. Not so, says the nonagenarian fiercely: But his enduring contribution to childbirth, and the idea that ensured his place in 20th-century obstetric history, was his groundbreaking contention that a baby has “rights” at the delivery; that the baby, in a nutshell, has feelings and these feelings must be taken into account. I hope that this will corroborate your thesis on the ability of the baby to feel: Personally, this book has helped me understand the very natural methods that are common practice in the hospital where my daughter will soon come out, saving me the potential embarrassment of asking why some things are done the way they are.

Birth evolved from a physiological event into a medical procedure. However, as the birth story is told, new ideas are presented that I will definitely remember.

Frederick Leboyer: ‘Babies are overlooked in labour’

I was led to this book on reading a book review written by Caleb Gattegno in As an apprentice, skills and knowledge were passed down from generation to generation. While he has plenty of time for women and their role violnce childbirth, he does rather despair about them failing to “get” what he sees as the central point. I don’t think I could give birth as quietly as in the dark as Leboyer advocates for, but I appreciated the reminder that birth is traumatic for a newborn nirth and treating them with gentleness and tenderness is important.


And unconsciously they do everything they can to find themselves once more safely behind bars! We open the cell doors, and the freedom makes the prisoners disoriented, goes to their heads!

Let me bring to your attention another interesting book: After so many books on labour and delivery focusing on pain relief and what is happening to woman’s body on every stage of labour, this reading was quite refreshing. This version definitely seemed dated as I don’t believe doctors hold babies upside down by their feet and spank their bottoms anymore.

If you’re in the camp who measures the success of a birth in terms greater than a live mother and a live child, you will enjoy this book. Return to Book Page. And the fact that the book only takes half an hour to read. Show 25 25 50 All. Only you can give birth, for yourself. Something to r mixed feelings here. Normally such a short duration will get as much as a mere line in any book on early childhood.

Birth without Violence, by Frederic Leboyer

Now it has come! Birth into water is the most unusual, but is now becoming slightly more mainstream, especially since it does wonderful things for the mother’s pain during labor.

Because this method of non-pharmacological pain management could be viewed as too simple, Odent introduced the birthing pool which could deliver a similar form of pain management. Yes, baby will still get all the benefits he needs from getting squeezed by contractions and all, but some things that were and are routine are unnecessary and hurt, like holding them upside down, cutting the cord before it finishes pulsing, toweling them dry, being loud, shining a light in their eyes, etc.

Only then can she begin to work through it and embrace the physical challenge of giving birth.


The answer to the question both makes sense and represents a definite education for mankind as a whole The best part is the pictures of the cute newborns. He looks at me with, for a moment, a twinkle in his something eyes. Simple suggestions such as low-lighting, volence voices and delaying the cutting of the umbilical cord are not only possible, they seem common sense. It is obviously kinder not to mention more natural to have soft lighting, and gentle voices at a birth.

Leboyer’s focus was primarily on improving the quality of the birth experience for the baby. Either way, a gentle birth is so much better for the baby. The admirable foster-mother who raised me would then take me into her bed and comfort me.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. As we shall see.

Understanding of what child is going through makes If you are looking for a book about birth based on scientific facts then this is not the one. Physicians trained in the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology declared themselves to be the proper leboye for childbearing women, and the hospital was deemed to be the proper setting for that care. All this fear linked with the horror which is birth.

I will pass over my childhood and adolescence, which were exceptionally happy. Loading comments… Trouble loading? What is the most important event that wirhout in your life?

This nightmare is still very vivid in my memory for the following reason: What, though, of his other direct experiences of childbirth — has he, I ask, had children of his own? Above all, this birgh about respect for Nature and respect for the natural process of birth and life. The philosophical poem about childbirth that helped create the natural childbirth movement of the ‘s.