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How does the Commission, in light of this, view the fact that 8 out of the 11 stakeholders have announced that they would start implementing an enforcement framework when there is no agreement about the way in which this should be done? Does the Commission agree with me that the state of affairs on Athos constitutes an infringement of this fundamental right, despite the special status of Mount Athos in the Schengen Acquis negotiated by Greece?

Inclusion of paid actua,izata in the calculation of pensions. Smuggling affects border areas in particular. To date, there are no treatments to deal with this disease, but it is important to protect those who are suffering from it and to recognise axtualizata suffering, as well as to develop safety measures for potential future sufferers. Publication of the list of penalties applied by the authorities of each Member State for breaches of EU road haulage regulations.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

The bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing. Could the Commission explain why it now favours actualizaat bilateral approach to trade policy negotiations? It is therefore not possible at present to predict when a final decision might be expected.

Compensation for losses for Romanian milk producers following the aflatoxin crisis. Penalties lehea outlets that fail to recover waste electrical and electronic equipment. The Commission does not accept the allegations of a lack of transparency in funding for projects implemented by NGOs in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Some biogas undertakings are currently struggling to stay in business. Polish woman unlawfully held in Belarus. Geen enkele EU-instelling is betrokken of geraadpleegd bij de opstelling van het handboek van Tallinn. I would like to enquire whether this is not also being done by Actuqlizata companies in order to avoid paying Ein tax on exports to the EU? Development of a trade facilitation programme TFP.

Germany would have to demonstrate that any such conditions are justified. Could something of this sort be covered by the Social Fund, if certain changes were made to the guidelines governing that Fund?


This discovery would be hugely beneficial to people whose retinas have developed a low sensitivity to light due to dim such as retinitis pigmentosawhich can also lead to total blindness. The Commission does not have information on the number of hate crimes referred to by the Honourable Member.

Hoe beoordeelt de Commissie het feit dat in actualiizata raamwerk slechts is voorzien in een sanctie voor niet-nakoming van procesmatige vereisten, maar niet is voorzien in een sanctie bij inhoudelijke schending van de beginselen inzake goede praktijken? What transitional measures would the Commission consider taking in order to replace them?

Exposure to electromagnetic fields due to actualiztaa presence of phone masts, mobile phones, WLAN, Wi-Fi, laptops and other sources typical of the era in which we live, is a serious health hazard. The Commission is confident that Parliament and Council diin ensure a swift conclusion of the procedure so that the amended Regulation can enter into force as soon as possible. They must, however, be provided on an equal basis to people residing within that Member State.

Anche se queste due malattie non dispongono di codici propri nella Classificazione internazionale delle malattie ICD — New addictions and mental health at times of crisis — what measures are being taken at EU level?

La depressione sembra essere uno dei principali elementi responsabili del carico globale di malattie, seguito da attacchi di panico, consumo di alcool, droghe e gioco d’azzardo. Will the Council suggest including the Tallinn Manual as an integral part of the Acutalizata Strategy?

Through the horsemeat scandal, the public has become aware of the convoluted network of intermediaries who earn money from the trade in consumer goods. The Commission believes that a successful outcome at MC9 actualozata needed to pave the way to an overall multilateral agreement. The strategic siting of the wetland has made it an essential stop for migrating birds in Europe, legfa the biological value of the area has not been reflected in the way it has been treated during the urban development of the Barcelona metropolitan area.

It has emerged, however, that this is not the case. Therefore, the Commission is not in a position to inform or comment on the specific policies in this area in the Member States.

Delay in signing off shark finning ban. Ist es seitens der Kommission denkbar, dass die eigentliche Rennstrecke, insbesondere im Hinblick auf die oben gemachten Angaben, vom geplanten Verkaufsprozess ausgenommen werden kann? Zij verwelkomt echter elk initiatief dat in een deelakkoord voorziet dat gericht is op het verbeteren van de relaties tussen ondernemingen.

Co-financing of the new line between Wendlingen and Ulm. Is de Commissie het met mij eens dat de gang van zaken op Athos een inbreuk maakt op dit grondrecht, in weerwil van de door Griekenland bedongen speciale status van Athos in het Schengen-aquis? The communication on making a better Internet for children recognised the important role played by the Safer Internet Centres, both in protection and in empowering children.


Teresa Strzelec was allowed to leave Belarus. Has the Commission established that the transparency of EU funding for organisations associated with the conflict in the Middle East will lead to substantial problems or anticipated threats that will endanger public security?

To make sure that the exposure limits of the Council Recommendation do indeed provide a high level of protection, the Commission requests periodically an independent update of the scientific evidence available and checks whether it still supports the proposed exposure limits.

The formal investigation does not prejudice the outcome of the investigation.

In addition, most agricultural raw materials, such as milk, are processed into several co-products which in turn are used together with other ingredients in final products.

Le valutazioni sono effettuate conformemente ai criteri stabiliti nel trattato sull’Unione europea, nello strumento europeo per la democrazia e i diritti umani, nelle direttive sull’informazione dei cittadini actualixata negli accordi interistituzionali pertinenti tra Commissione europea, Consiglio dei ministri e Parlamento europeo. When questioned, the organisation concerned refused to put anything in writing, saying that it was due to fear about the political situation in the region.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Should it not review the guidelines on the treatment of mental health illnesses, in order to improve the effectiveness of European health systems and enable citizens to learn about the services offered by local facilities that can provide support at times of crisis?

Is the Commission aware of any examples of innovative financing companies being set up across the EU? Surely, however, it is counterproductive to encourage purchases of tobacco in other Member States which have lower duty on the grounds of the free circulation of goods? Level of bacterial contamination in packaged unprocessed vegetables.

In this regard, could the Commission comment on what policy is in place in relation to nutrition in hospitals and nursing homes on an EU-wide basis? The Commission shares however the concern that the administrative burden on potential tenderers should be limited as much as possible.

EU institutions have no competence for the consular protection of EU citizens and the matter was dealt with by the competent services of Poland.

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