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Expands definition of pensionable age, modifies contribution scheme, and grants various contributors exemptions. Requires employers to keep statistical data of employees and report such to the government. Factories Cellulose Solutions Rules L. Ordinance to provide for the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of statistical information, for the taking of censuses, and for matters connected with the foregoing and incidental thereto.

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The Statistics Ordinance No. Establishes a provident fund for government employees. Act regulates wages and conditions of employment. Detention Camps Act Cap. Pursuant leh the Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance Chaptersets forth schedules of fees and charges payable for medical aid.

The Statistics Employment Regulations, [L. Amends termination procedures, changes pay schedules.

The Prisons Ordinance No. Consolidates text from to 2845 The Pensions Amendment Ordinance, No. Specifies the role that the commission shall have with respect to disciplinary control of public officers.

Provident Fund Act Chapter No.



Ordinance repeals the Resident Labourers Ordinance Chapter and makes transitional provisions thereto. Amends Widows’ and Orphans’ Pension Ordinance. Specifies the circumstances under which males over leu years of age are entitled to the basic minimum wage and housing allowances.

Ordinance consolidates and amends law pertaining to prisons, youthful corrective training centers, extra-mural penal employment, organisation, discipline, powers and duties of prison officers, and related matters. Industrial Training Act Cap. Enacted pursuant to the Oey Ordinance, No.

Pursuant to the Statistics Ordinance, No. Provident Fund Regulations G. Part XI deals with offences and penalties. Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, Sets forth basic 28546 wage, housing allowances, work hours, overtime, holidays, annual leaves, sick leaves and termination of employment for employees in garment industry.

Legislation implementing the United Nations Convention relating to the status of stateless persons of Trade Unions Appeals Lry G. Revised through Act 20 of Sets forth, inter alia, provisions relating to safety procedures aboard ships or at piers.

Act regulates shop hours in Mombasa, specifically, hours of assistants, periods of employment, meal allowances and leaves of absence. Regulates registration of contracts, records, and overtime payments. Part II excludes from the definition of trade unions certain staff associations and employees organizations. Part II covers the employer’s liability for compensation for death or incapacity resulting from accident, compensation in fatal cases, total, partial and temporary incapacity, method of calculating earnings, persons entitled to compensation and the distribution thereof.

Criminal Procedure Code Cap. Part IX pertains to picketing, intimidation and other matters relating to disputes. Kenya – – Pey, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Made pursuant to the Statistics Ordinance, No.


Widows’ and Orphans’ Pensions Act Cap. Article 2 b provides that: Kenya – – Ley Bankruptcy Act Chapter This part also covers notice requirements, medical examinations and dispute resolution procedures, as well as insurance requirements, provisions in case of a bankrupt employer, and specific provisions for seafarers and workers employed by contractors.

Part IV sets forth provisions for the registration of particular unions. Describes powers of officers and Director.

Factories First-Aid Order G. Trade Unions Regulations G. The Act pertains generally to the establishment and regulation of trade unions. Factories Woodworking Lley Rules L. Kenya – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Specifies the basic minimum wage, housing allowances, hours of work, overtime, holidays, sick leaves, annual leaves aand termination of employment for construction and building employees.

Factories Examination of Plant Order G. Pursuant to the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Ordinance, Chapterexempts certain hotel and catering employees.

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