() $ (continued on back flap) The Leyden Papyrus The Leyden Papyrus AN EGYPTIAN MAGICAL BOOK EDITED BY F. LI. GRIFFITH AND. F. Ll. Griffith & Herbert Thompson The Leyden Papyrus (An Egyptian Magical Book) Dover Publications Inc. Acrobat 7 Pdf Mb. A page from the Leyden Papyrus X. (facing page 17). A page from the Stockholm Papyrus. (facing page 47). Four plates illustrating ancient Egyptian preparative.

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VIII 65 time, and you cry, ‘ I cast fury at thee of him who cutteth thee, of him who devoureth thee.

Misy, salt, and vinegar accruing from the purification of gold; mix it all and throw in the vessel which contains the gold described in the preceding preparation; let it remain some time, and then having drawn the gold from the vessel, heat it upon the coals; then again throw it in the vessel which contains the above-mentioned preparation; do this several times until it becomes fit for use. You leave it for forty days and when you take it out 28 and open it, you find that it has become bloody ; then you put it on a glass thing and put the glass thing into a pottery thing 29 in a place hidden at all times.

It may mean a guardian julhotft dragon, as in I Kham. It is a question whether this is the hieroglyphic The latter occurs only twice in this papyrus, but in one of the instances it is clearly parallel to nwn.

An analysis of the contents will be found on page You invoke the light, saying, ‘ Hail, otp Northward, Anthropophagi were placed in Syria, ib. Take a part of silver and an equal weight of lead; place in a furnace, and keep up the melting until the lead has just been consumed; repeat the operation several times until it becomes brilliant. Break into small pieces stone of Phrygia; put it to boiling, and having immersed the wool, leave it until it cools.


Xh-t nb bin leydn hpr m c wy n rm-t ntr-w lh-w ml-w. Papyurs last words may perhaps be hf nbQ’every enemy,’ nb being written over the line as a correction of the plural signs. Crush some cumin; pour on it some water, dilute, and let it remain in contact during three days. O great god that is on the mountain 22 of Atuki of GabaonKhabaho, Takrtat, come in to me, let my eyes be opened to-night for any given thing 23 that I shall ask about, truly without falsehood.

If you wish to give it, you put a little into a cup of wine, 22 you give it to the man. Iwne is perhaps the reading of the imperfect group.

The Leyden Papyrus

Divination by lamp, with medium and alone. The two portions, if joined together, would measure, roughly speaking, some 5 m. Spell spoken to fetch a leyren out of a throat. Take care to employ refined copper beforehand, having heated it at the beginning and pa;yrus it to the action of the bellows, until this has rejected its scale and become pure; and then use it as has just been stated.

When you know 29 that the gods have come in, you say to Anubis, ‘ Bring in a table for the gods 3c and let them sit down. Formula for summoning a woman.

The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden Index

The use of hieratic might be thought to indicate some antiquity where it occurs. Do I speak 31 to thee?

From Leuden, the free encyclopedia. The reading of the following words is uncertain. Perhaps the title of some specific religious work, like the hymns to the rising sun prefixed to the New-Kingdom Books of the Dead: If his two ears speak, he is very good ; if it be his right ear, 20 he is good; if it be his left ear, he is bad.

The notes to the foregoing papgrus A. The meaning must be that the bricks are laid about the boy so that he can stand or sit on them without touching the ground.

The very bitter bile of a calf also serves for the color. If you wish to bring in letden drowned man, you put sea- karab-sXowe. First-rate, highly imaginative modern Art Deco frames, borders, compositions, alphabets, florals, insectals, Wurlitzer-types, etc. O Heknet, great one, lady of the shrine, the Rishtret open to me, mis- tress of spirits, 4 open to me primal heaven ; let me worship the angels!


Papyrus Graecus Holmiensis

The first sentence, as far as papgrus hyt, is in clumsy archaislic language, COL. The Leiden papyrus, on the other hand, has unfortu- nately suffered much, as Leemans, with a view to protecting the surface, covered both recto and verso with ‘vegetable’ paper, which probably could not be removed now without serious injury to the MS.

Lithography as art form: Take some shreds of metallic leaves, dip in vinegar and white lamellose alum and let them soak during seven days, and then melt with a fourth part of copper, 8 drachmas of earth of Chios, 8 drachmas of asemian earth, 1 drachma of salt of Cappadocia and additional lamellous alum, 1 drachma; appyrus, melt, and cast the black refuse from the surface. The lates niloticus which according to MM. Te-f may be intended for the past relative a-ie-f, ‘ which he gave.

For the plant which is not papyruus see Uiosc. If it be that you are inquiring for a spirit damned, a wick of sail-cloth? From the next line the wnte would seem to be souls in torment or else punishing demons.

It is difficult to make sense of this as it stands. See pqpyrus very similar invocation in biaKcmal, Leyd. When Isis said ” Let a god be summoned to me that I may send him, he being discreet? When you have leydsn, you recite a charm, 20 bringing your hand over his eyes.