Centro de Estudios Teosóficos de Atlixco’s photo. LAS 7 LEYES HERMETICAS DEL KYBALION. 6 photos. Centro de Estudios Teosóficos de Atlixco’s photo. las 7 leyes universales del kybalion pdf e investigadores de las Doctrinas Secretas, obra que esta basada en las antiquisimas ensenanzas hermeticas.

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It is your greatest source of immovable Knowledge that can provide you with a “solid rock” hermetkcas that cannot change through the changes of time or the external turmoil of the world. Every human can stray into the lower parts and pits of Human Nature, without exception, if a person chooses to do so, no matter how respectful and trusting their appearance.

The word “demon,” in organized religion is believed to be minions of the devil but in truth is the experience of one’s own wicked mind that causes the weirdness of their own state of consciousness. All of humanity should be wary of all religious leaders and observe the fruits of their work that will tell you what kind of fruit tree they are growing.

Blame is the customary process with lots of finger pointing. T here will be powerful political leyse and civil unrest in the near future that will change the borders between many countries as our Galaxy and our Earth is traveling into new dimensions of reality and a purging process takes place to eliminate the sources of evil that will cause an intense time of change. Only the most advanced Souls are able to see the changes in the future pictures hermetiacs Life accurately.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Hermeticqs Policy. You can recognize them by the fruits that they bear. These are only a few occurrences that fall under the heading of “Anti-Christ” behaviors. Stress, because of one thing or another is a good example of an “interference. In other words, it does not have the backing of SPIRIT for this to continue and therefore it leeys an illusion that must collapse by necessity.

Banks, like the money changers in days of Jesus are greedy and it shows in their greedy policies while standing together shoulder to shoulder no competition to herd and victimize the public into their greedy clutches. It is the same for the religious leaders, the CEO and president of lyees company or a large corporation.


The Ancient Wisdom of Hermes and the manifestation of “humans” and “matter. Hermetics this constant change all things come and go in our lives and there is no permanence.

The concept put forth in The Kybalion states that gender exists on all planes of existence Physical, Mental and Spiritualand represents different aspects on different planes.

While those who are spiritually developed know how to go with the flow and they are the inheritors of the earth. Their efforts will help to unify our diverse world that is submerged in ignorance.

The Kybalion – Wikipedia

These conceptions contribute to massive destruction. This is what the Christian religion should be teaching. It is advised that all that is read on this website must become your own personal experience from within yourself, in your own quiet space, so that you can observe these things for yourself and not rely only on the external impressions of information that can be misleading. Wisdom enables a person to know how to do it right, while the intellect learns thru trial and error.

On a deeper level are the twin towers symbols of great economic power that made America a wealthy and powerful nation because of her freedom that made it all possible. This translates into what we see on the New York stock exchange boards and has a rippling effect on the world economy and stock exchanges.


It is easier to explain it away as a person’s hysteria of mental delirium than it is to gather the facts and realistically do research. The moving vibratory timeline of the “present” animates that which is in the future and are events that momentarily pass through our lives and becomes the recorded history of the present. As a recent writer has said “Matter has melted into Mystery. The original Knowledge having been corrupted and lost in the lapse of the ages and bringing division amongst all religions of the world which is the primary cause of war and violence today.


The spirit entity is still able to some degree remember what his or her religion has taught them during physical Life and then finding themselves in a reality that may be completely contrary to their religious training.

Will they not be the tares who are thrown into the fire for purification? The person is still very much alive but lacks a body and vocal chords for verbal communications and is unable to communicate properly or express him or herself as they did in physical Life.

They are unable to prosper because of their economic Pandora’s Box.

They have no source of Spiritual Knowledge to draw from. This puts the responsibility squarely upon our shoulders.

What will they see and understand?


To do so would be a folly that will raise more questions than answers. Hermeticcas of the Christian denominations have sealed their membership in ignorance by saying that the bible is the only truth there is and thus the Creator in their concept is limited between the covers of their bible and they are unable to connect their bible to the greater reality we all live in.

It is a personal undertaking. Or, they may have the ability to step out of physical reality to avoid injury. Not only is it present in the entire Universe, but is also present within our earthly reality as well as within us and is responsible for the sustenance of all Life and living with entities occupying the entire scale of manifested LIFE, i. First, physical matter or the material world as we are able to perceive within our kybaalion state of consciousness consists of only four leyex points of the total reality of the Universe.

This theory is often held by members of Builders of the Adytum B.