The Empire of Fashion: Dressing Modern Democracy by Gilles Lipovetsky; Catherine Porter Review by: Linda M. G. Zerilli Political Theory, Vol. 24, No. 3 ( Aug. Carolyn J. Dean; Gilles Lipovetsky. The Empire of Fashion: Dressing Modern Democracy. Translated by Catherine Porter. Foreword by Richard.

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Jun 16, Ariela rated it it was amazing. To analyze fashion’s role in smoothing over social conflict, he abandons class analysis in favor of an inquiry into the symbolism of everyday life and the creation of ephemeral desire.

The Empire of Fashion: The question is whether it works in theory. Eloquent writing, making points I’ve thought of myself. In short, the modern fashion system is the very foundation of modern democracy.

Lipovetsky’s claimaboutthe supposedtimelessness of “thecollectiverepresentation of the’fairsex’ as destinedto please and seduce” p. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

The readerwillhaveto decidewhether, in a worldcharac- terizedbyglobalizationandfragmentation,thatis enough. David Leal Olivares rated it really liked it Dec 03, The first section of the book, “The Enchantment of Appearances,” charts the ways in which the modern fashion system emerged, beginning with the first celebrations of novelty by the upper classes of the fourteenth century, continuing fsshion the birth of haute couture in the nineteenth, and climaxing with the “open fashion system” which emerged with the mini-skirt in the s.

To theextentthatfashioncon- testsanddestroys tradition, itis an enlightening ratherthanmind-deadening force;to theextentthatfashiontraffics in theephemeral and superficial, it fasion us to be flexible, less weddedto theveryobjectswe covet,and moreopentosocialchange;totheextent thatfashionglorifies theindividual, itnourishes a climateofsocialtolerance.


I found it thoughtful, provocative, and convincing.

The Empire of Fashion: Dressing Modern Democracy

Review of The Empire of Fashion: With highbrowdisdainforall thatglitters but is not gold,intellectuals either fasjion unworthy oftheirseriousattention orcondemnitas the graveofdemocracy andcriticalthinking.

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Natalia Ely rated it it was amazing Mar 17, The expandingfieldsof culturalandmediastudies,forexample,havesignificantly alteredtheterms of the debateover “the proteanuniverseof surfaces” p. Zerilli Rutgers University This content downloaded from The Empire of Fashion: He has divided tne time period into three periods: Ivonne Spinoza rated it really liked it Oct 30, The Empire of Fashion: Rodrigo Ve rated it liked it Oct 11, Email alerts New issue alert.

The Empire of Fashion: Dressing Modern Democracy – Gilles Lipovetsky – Google Books

Whereas Tocqueville feared that mass culture would create passive citizens incapable of political reasoning, Lipovetsky argues that today’s mass-produced fashion offers many choices, which in turn enable consumers to become complex individuals within a consolidated, democratically educated society.

He recognizes thattheideal ofbeautydoes nothavethesameimpacton menthatitdoes on women,but he ov seeingthisdiscrepancy in termsof women’stimelessand enviabledesireto be coquettish, to please and seduce. This article fasion also available for rental through DeepDyve.

Feb 14, Philippe Malzieu rated it it was amazing. Superficiality fosters tolerance among different groups within a society, claims Lipovetsky. The euphoria of fashion has its counterparts in dereliction, depression, and existential anguish” You could not be signed in.

To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Ivan rated it liked it Apr 07, Account Or Sign in. Lists with This Book. Although Lipovetsky offers a paean to modern individualism and to fashion culture, he concludes with a disturbing caution: Fashion allows us to pursue differences that in one sense make no difference, despite often serving to mark distinctions, because it lies within the realm of the ephemeral the word Lipovetsky used in his original title, remember.


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Lipovetskyrejectsaccountsof fashionthatviewitas a constant featureofall societies,arguinginsteadthat “thefashionmechanism has beenproducedonlyonce in history” p. Lipoveysky by Gilles Lipovetsky. In a book full of playful irony and striking insights, the controversial social philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky draws on the history of fashion to demonstrate that the modern cult of appearance and superficiality actually serves the common good.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Essentially, Lipovetsky argues that from the 14th century onward fashion has rmpire the cult of individuality that defines the contemporary West, that fashion has been a force for democratization, but also that fashion has contributed the the vacuity of much of our citizenry who have abandoned what Yeats called “monuments of lipovehsky intellect” for topical nonsense.

Focusing on clothing, bodily deportment, sex roles, sexual Melissa rated it really liked it Aug 26, Lipovetsky does notexactlycele- bratethesupposedintractability ofthedifference between thesexes,andeven betraysa longingfortheday whenthemasculinepole attains”thefree, proteanmobility ofthefeminine.

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