23 set. Projeciologia (Latim: projectio, projeção; grego: logos, tratado) – Ciência que estuda as Waldo Vieira falando do General Augusto Heleno. Entrevista com Waldo Vieira – Anos 90 – Explicando Projeciologia das experiências da consciência fora do corpo humano – Waldo Vieira – Google Livros.

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Intrusiveness — Ill, interconsciential thosenic intrusion. The Homo sapiens serenissimus is the most evolved level of consciousness who still reborn, being, therefore, in its final evolutionary stages in the intraphysical dimension. Also referred to as holochakral existence. It is an altered state of consciousness.

Waldo Vieira

The emotional parabody of the consciousness; the extraphysical objective body of the intraphysical consciousness. Heterointrusion or interconsciential intrusion: The afflictive dream that has the effect of agitation, anguish and oppression is termed: Parapsychic signage — The existence, identification and self-aware use of the energetic, animic, parapsychic and extremely personal signs indicators that every intraphysical consciousness possesses.

Universalism — The set of ideas derived from the universality of the basic laws of nature and the universe which, through the natural evolution of the consciousness, inevitably becomes its dominant philosophy; cosmism. This specialized arrangement creates a multidimensional chamber, providing opportunity for deep self-research.

Vehicle of the consciousness — The instrument or body through which the consciousness manifests in intraphysicality intraphysical consciousness and in the extraphysical dimensions projected intraphysical consciousness and extraphysical consciousness. Intraphysical consciousness — Human personality; citizen of intraphysical society. Megapower — Livto evolved condition of great, cosmoethical lucidity of the consciousness.

Neophilia — The ready adaptation of the intraphysical consciousness to new situations, things and occurrences. Near-death experience NDE — Projective occurrences that are involuntary or forced due to critical human circumstances of the human consciousness, common in cases of patients with terminal illnesses and survivors of clinical death. Seriality — The quality of the consciousness subjected to existential seriation rebirth cycle. Petifreeness — See intrusionlessness. Immobilitarium im [not, variant of in ]; Latin: This term has no plural form.


Extraphysical catatonia — The fixed condition wherein a projected intraphysical consciousness performs repeated stereotypical acts that are generally useless or dispensable in terms of its evolution. Intraphysical melancholy — The condition of intraphysical or pre-mortem melancholy generated by incompletion of the existential program.

The microcosm of the consciousness in relation to the macrocosm of the universe. Homo sapiens serenissimus — The consciousness which is integrally experiencing the condition of lucid serenism. Main articles Spirit Spiritualism Spiritualist beliefs Spiritism.

Waldo Vieira – Wikipedia

Conscientese — The non-symbolic telepathic or mental idiom that is the native language of highly evolved communities within the extraphysical dimension, as well as the mental dimension. The consciential bond goes beyond the bieira bond. This generates the intensification of paraperceptions and energetic and parapsychic phenomena. Strong trait — The strong trait of the personality of the intraphysical consciousness; the positive component of the structure of the consciential micro-universe that impels the evolution of the consciousness.

Energetic harassment — see intrusion. The state of individual free will, when connected to the evolutionary group. Synonymous expression outworn through use: The state wherein free will is restricted by infantile egocentrism.

Consciential monoendowment — Intraphysical life under the pressure of constant intrusion by ill beings. Paraman — The extraphysical consciousness having the appearance of a man or a projected male intraphysical consciousness.

Existential completism — The condition wherein the existential program of the human consciousness is complete. Holotheca — A multidimedia collection prjoeciologia artifacts of knowledge; multiple theca. The conscientiogram is the basic instrument employed in conscientiometric tests.


Projectiocritique — Critiquing performed with a projectiological perspective. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Consciential hyperspaces — Extraphysical consciential dimensions.

Holobiography — The multidimensional, multiexistential personal history of the consciousness. The state of individual free will, when connected to the evolutionary group.

Holochakral seduction — See energosomatic seduction. Parapsychic — That which is paranormal or multidimensional in nature. Alternant intraphysical pre serenissimus — The intraphysical consciousness who is capable, from time to time, of simultaneously living consciously in the waldk, physical waking state, as well as projected in extraphysical dimensions. Discoincidence — The state of non-alignment of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness holosoma.

Thosenization — The process whereby the consciousness generates thosenes. Sexosomatics — The specific study of the soma in regard to its sex, or sexosoma, and its relations with the intraphysical consciousness, whether male or female.

Conscientiometry — The discipline or area that studies conscientiological liro the consciousness measurements, using the resources and methods offered by conscientiology, that are capable of establishing the possible bases for the mathematicization of the consciousness.

Evolutionary existential sequencing of the consciousness; successive existences; intraphysical rebirths in series.

Vehicle of manifestation of the consciousness. Conscientiometry — The discipline or area that studies conscientiological of the consciousness measurements, using the resources and methods offered by conscientiology, that are capable of establishing the possible bases for the mathematicization of the livvro. Personal Energetic Task — pages; br. The evolutionary condition between the petifree consciousness and serenissimus. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Archaic expression now in disuse:

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