Plik: Repetytorium Maturalne Longman Zdrowie Longman Repetytorium Maturalne Poziom rozszerzony. Książka. Sprawdziany repetytorium maturalne longman poziom rozszerzony chomikuj Odpowiedzi repetytorium maturalne longman chomikuj matura rozszerzona. LONGMAN Repetytorium maturalne z języka angielskiego – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU TRACK 11 Zadanie 1. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B.

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Do you have this in red? I was at the train station in Chicago. Love XYZ 6 amazingly, quite 7 1 incredibly 4 quite 2 quite 5 really 3 very 6 extremely 8 Zadanie otwarte. Interviewer And repetytofium did you decide to follow a career in health?

They are probably at the cinema because they are sitting on seats which are typical in a cinema. Luke Its fine, Elaina. I just move on to the next picture. Nothing could change the situation. Theres so much here!

But I dont want to spend too much money. Ill bring some from my garden. And the pictures inside are beautiful too; they look so realistic. He looks very serious and hes probably a bit bored. The people are wearing their swimming costumes.

Plus, bungee jumping may look too risky. I need something more organized. The stretch of shops and boutiques on Rodeo Drive is only three blocks long but its probably the most expensive three blocks of shops in the world. Odpowidezi a dress or a blouse with a skirt?


Odpowiedzi – mowa zależna

Bus driver Yes, we do. Examiner What do you think life would be like for a wildlife conservationist? Exercise isnt boring anymore. It would be OK for holidays but not as a regular home. Turn left out of the hall and then left again. Something stupid frank sinatra free.

Ive got a meeting with the sailing club. Student I like going to important football matches because they can be exciting, but I dont go every week because it can get a bit rozwzerzony. Im looking for an unfurnished flat. They say they get on with everybody in the community and that theres always a party or a barbecue happening on one of the boats. Student Ah, well, I think it must be really good. Were pleased to announce a competition. Perhaps, its an island.

Student Last year I helped to raise money for homeless animals. Ill hoover the flat and dust the furniture, and you could go shopping for ingredients and do the cooking. There are many places like this in London and its easy to find them. Ive got to be at the university at two oclock so we cant be too long.

Test z angielskiego: Mowa zależna – przekształcanie zdań

Later, I was afraid to walk into a dark room. Max No, we dont mind what floor it is.


Hi Tom How are you? On the left of the picture, there is a man sitting on matualne high chair. Both of these things require a great deal of responsibility, dont they? John Well, obesity is the main problem and its getting more and more common in teenagers.

We always have a big meal together and eat turkey and pumpkin pie. We sometimes go to concerts too. We wont have to wear all those clothes. I phoned my family and told them not to worry. I went to Zakopane with my parents and my younger sister.

Or you can take the lift. Max Mmm How much is the repetytoriu Id like to work at weekends and maybe on Friday evenings Un beur dans la ville. So, I put everything into a small black rucksack and took it down with me to the beach. The girl is wearing dance shoes. We didnt lose our passports; we didnt miss our trains or buses; we didnt stay in any horrible places and the weather was absolutely fantastic, too.

Lisa Well, Ive always enjoyed art.

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