‘An-al-Haq’ (I am the truth) – this statement would be the death of Mansur Al- Hallaj. A Sufi poet, teacher and philosopher, Hallaj was executed. 2 Poems by Mansur Al Hallaj. By Mahmoud Mostafa. Islamic_Mystic_al_Hallaj Underlying his fearsome courage was a beautiful tenderness that was forgiving. To this I am now adding this sad and gruesome account of the martyrdom of Mansur al-Hallaj, which I constructed and pieced together from a.

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2 Poems by Mansur Al Hallaj – Baraka Institute

You are the essence of the source of my existence, you are the reach of my resolve You who are my logic, and my expressions, and my gestures You are all of me entirely, you are my hearing and my seeing You are my whole, and some of me, and my parts You are all of me entirely, and all of it is entirely obscured And all of you entirely are covered in my meaning My soul clings to you with intense love until it is spent in ecstasy And I become a hostage to my longing I cry over my sorrow, over separation voluntarily from my homeland And my adversaries please me with my own wailing I approach but my fear sets me back, and I am anxious from a longing That takes hold of my deeply hidden insides What shall I do about an expansiveness that I am in such love with?

Is this you or is it I in two deities? Hallaj cried out in pain when the clod hit him, and when asked to explain the reason, he replied: Al-Hallaj’s preaching had by now inspired a movement for moral and political reform in Baghdad.

On his return to Iraq he made a second pilgrimage to Mecca, where he remained for two years. Satan’s monotheistic claim—that he refused to bow before an other-than.

But instead of giving an answer Jonaid said, “There will come a time when you will mansor a piece of wood red,” – implying that Hallaj would ultimately be executed. Permit me one final word. This that we are now Created the body, cell by cell, Like bees building a honeycomb. Umer Hasan Nov 11, When the fire had died down Hallaj’s ashes continued to sound the refrain, ‘I am the Truth’, and when they were cast upon the waters of the River Diyala they spread into the calligraphic letters of Anal-Haq.


A Sufi poet, teacher and philosopher, Hallaj was executed on the orders of an Abbasside caliph for uttering these words, taken to mean Hallaj as claiming himself to be God. Classical mysticism In Islam: Four thousand people were said to have accompanied Hallaj on his second pilgrimage to Mecca.

For as long as he is a man he can never be God. Hallaj criticizes the staleness of his adoration Mason, Not this from the universe and human body. Between you and me is an I-ness interfering with me Take away then with your I-ness my I-ness from between us! With his body reduced to halllaj and bones he would publicly proclaim, “O Lord.

Mansoo is said that on the first night of his imprisonment the jailers found his cell empty, and on the second night they could find neither Hallaj nor his cell, but on the third night they found him locked in his cell again.

In my annihilation my annihilation perished And in my annihilation I found you In the effacement of my name and manosor outline of my form I asked about me so I said: From Mecca he returned to Baghdad, and it was at this time that a group of orthodox theologians petitioned the Caliph of Baghdad with a charge of heresy against Hallaj. Did the audience know that Hallaj was crucified for that?

The Robert Beer Blog

Literary History of Persia. Begin by flogging him severely. Opinion was divided against him and it is said that he was driven out of fifty Islamic cities for his heretical proclamations of ‘I am the Truth’. On the following morning it haolaj seen that every stream of blood that had pulsed from Hallaj’s veins had inscribed the word ‘Allah’ on the boards of the scaffold.


I am so grateful that you have kept me steadfast and true. The supporters of Mansur have interpreted his statement as meaning, “God has emptied me of everything but Himself.

The Martyrdom Of Mansur Al-hallaj – The Robert Beer Blog

Now you must do your work. The human body and the entire universe Grew from this. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The simple truth of what Hallaj said, What more could human beings possibly want?

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Shahid Ashraf Nov 10, Underlying his fearsome courage was a beautiful tenderness that was forgiving, loving, and filled with wisdom.

After returning to his family in Baghdad, al-Hallaj began making proclamations that aroused popular emotion and caused anxiety among the educated classes. Some cast stones and words of derision, others wept with prayers of mansoir.

Indeed, the problem with the “two spirits in one body” language is that it does not affirm union and unity strongly enough; there are two spirits left whereas the Sufi fana’ texts speak of utter annihilation and annihilation in annihilation the annihilation of the consciousness of annihilationwith only one actor, the deity, left.

Perhaps the most controversial Su!

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist…. For a whole year he stood barefooted and bareheaded before the Ka’ba, where every day a man would place some bread and a jug of water before him.

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